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Hollow Night
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ℒuna-tic™ Author

Description from Bonaxor

Too big for the tiny box on the side...

Ok guys here you are the Nightmare Night LONG BEFORE it was even called that way. When Team Awesome was young, this time was known as The Hollow Night. In this Day ( whole day and night) all spirits, creatures born from darkness and evil, rise in their own bodies. So ghosts, skeletons, ghouls, all sort of stuff live in that day. But it doesn't mean they wish to HARM ponies or any other creatures that celebrate this day. as long as you CELEBRATE, not a single risen evil shall knock to your door.

But what about This picture? Who are those evil looking alicorns. AND WHY THE **** THERE ARE 2 ADDITIONAL DISCORDS!
Simple. All those new ones you see are ALTER EGOS of each Team Awesome Member.
Celestia is talking to Solar Flare - Flare is more like a warrior princess that wish to show HOW POWERFUL she is. But sometimes this show can end up with burning something. BUT SHE DONT WISH TO HARM anyone.
Cadence ( i must admist she is cute as a vampire) is talking to Hatrea. - Cad is mare of love so Hatrea is mare of Hatred. She spread hate to all those that she doesn't like. If you will try to harm her... be aware. She can make you HATE your life And Hatie is almost always saying "I hate ....." like... I hate world, I hate this show ^^ I hate this, that.. She is a master Hater.


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ℒuna-tic™ Author

Cont from my comment above...^

Dream (NMM) is sitting on a wall with Nightmare. - Nightmare is creepy, she haven't got eyes, her mouth is filled with pointy teeth, and that sick looking body... A PERFECT Mare of Nightmares. And SHE LOVE to hear someone screaming. She is helping Dream every night, to keep the World of the Dreams in one piece, making Nightmares to those that... are unlucky to meet her ^^

Now about Discord. The REAL one is sitting on the wall, two others are his alter egos. YES he got 2! Why? One ( the one that is wearing a zombie costume) represents the Chaotic Chaos, with no sense, only to spread chaos around. Second ( the one with Slenderman costume) is his opposite, He brings "destruction" by..... making countless RULES! EVERYTHING for him MUST OBEY his rules! The way you move, they way you speak, the way you even sleep... he will FORCE YOU to obey the rules. If you will walk in wrong way, he will make you walk like HIS rules states.
Normally they are like "shoulder angels" for Discord ( like here [link] ) and are talking to him and talking and talking... unless Discord give them a cookie. Then they are finally quite.

I haven't got names for them. I just dont know how to call a.. demon of chaos and angel of chaos ^^

And Luna. Her alter ego is standing in front of the "Slendy" Discord. Her name is DARK MOON. And she represents the sad version of the Night, the one that normally no one ever look at ( thats why Dark moon... we never get to see dark side of the moon). She know how to hide, how to move silently, that no one will ever notice her. And she is very often crying... well.. she is alone most of the time, lonely, away from any kind of nice stuff. And if something nice happens in her life, she usually reject it, by running away, crying or saying that she don't deserve that. But she still know how to fight, and spread some sorrow.

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SgtMajorGunfighter Creator

I think somethings a mess... DO YOU?

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Artist: Bonaxor

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