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Mr-Gency Creator

On a somewhat related note: I've been meaning to start watching Regular Show.

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Velancious Creator

You know, I read this before but I think a way of bringing Derpy back would be if the fandom got together and protested to stop buying MLP merchandise. If that happened, Hasbro, as the greedy corporation it is, would have to submit to their consumer base.

However, getting such a movement together would be tough with how far the fandom has split on such matters. Some bronies don't even want Derpy back because they think she is overrated. A shame, really. I don't care too much about Derpy, but I loved her appearances.

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Just so you know, the word is boycott.
I forget words all the time, it's fine c:

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Smallchange Creator

I have issues believing the legitimacy of this... Even if posted on hasbro's site itself... i would still have great doubts of it... it just seems... wrong. Too much is said, if someone did leak all this... The writer is right, their job is gone... completely, gone. Thus is why I doubt anyone would risk it... Just seems a bit too truthful.

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Smallchange Creator

And about the whole alicorn bit, I'm just sure that if they do that, it will most likely be temporary... I mean, technically speaking, rarity was an alicorn of a sort in the one episode... I could see something more indepth, but like that happening again.
I honeslty can't see hasbro risking their following like this... It just makes no sense. If they do infact do this, I know atleast one brony who will completely disregard anything they do in the future.

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RighteousFighter Creator

The big problem with alicorns is the way the fandom views them. If it hadn't become so universal thinking that all alicorns are super powerful immortal goddesses, then this wouldn't be a problem. Otherwise it just donesn't make sense to have more than just the 2, Celestia and Luna.

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HosseAKM Creator

Wow, wow wait... This message is way too old and it was already confirmed to be troll. Why bringing this up again?

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BigBrony Creator

THANK YOU for saying that. after reading that i was almost broguht to tears because how disapointed i was. i had just became a brony just recently. same thing with joining this sight. but then fate smiled upon me and showed me your post.

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Whats this sudden obsession with Twilight turning into alicorn?

It was officially announced over a week ago.

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