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Hello space adventurers, I have some major news for you today, and I hope most of you will understand the plans I have for this game.

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OBS: Forgot to include the "Near future plans" text, sorry. Fixed.

Got worried about the above? Don't be. Lately I have been planing and planing again a lot this project and I have plenty to say; lets begin with the cool stuff:

The cool stuff

Main menu currentMain menu current 2
Language setup currentPsionic girl production
Spider Officer production

  • The main menu gui have been improved so it can fit the "Dark Version" concept
  • The language setup scene also have been improved
  • Two main npcs have been made in 3D, but there are details we will discuss next

Major plans change

I'm planning on using more(if not always) 2.5D for the game project characters, I already experimented with that long ago, believing it wasn't a good idea because I didn't managed at the time to draw the character right at different camera angles and 3D offered more animation possibilities and was easier(for simple characters); the thing is, as soon as I experimented 3D on more complex characters(elmore and the bird lady didn't count) I noticed it is time consuming to get the textures to look right, not to mention creating the animation armature and animating it.

I could of course go on with 3D main characters and finish the game at a slower speed and with less content, since I had already planned which non main NPC characters would make use of 2.5D and I already got key components of the project working the best they can, but I do want to make a very detailed and interactive game(like the old classics) thus I made the decision above, which will take just some quick adjustments. Thanks to that at the base game you will now additionally be able to:

  • Choose your nightkin type: Vampire, spider, psionic or "exalted" scientist
  • Grow(Up to 18 years), learn skills and powers as you do so, take part-time jobs between quests
  • After you get a spaceship, customize it with new weapons, sensors, engines and special equipment
  • A whole new horizon of cool, possible features have been opened.

Currently I have no plans for changing the scenario graphics, simply because 3D environments already are way easier than complex mesh and armature characters to do, and I have a whole game editor to help me. But if I recall right most of you were favorable to 2.5D or "any graphic style as long as the game is nice" and will understand my decision, not only that, know that by the game getting easier to do for me, it will become easier for you to mod(something I always wanted), and which the game being pre-alpha still allows me to do such decisions.

Near future plans

For places such as cities, I have decided for now for a visual novel style exploration; "what do you mean" you may ask, what I want to say is only key points will have a 3D environment, and to reach them you will only have to select them, so no intermediary environment between the two points(where you are and target) will be needed.

For dungeon style places such as abandoned spaceships, surface ruins and the like I will use the usual hex grid based environment exploration with an top view, where the environment will be uncovered as you explore it and with visible enemies; but you can expect from me an unique approach to that.


Thanks for your visit space adventurer! Questverse can only happen with your help. If you liked this project you can contribute by doing one or more of the following points:

  • Liking/following and sharing the game facebook
  • Talking about the project to those who might be interested
  • Overall constructive criticism about grammar or other game/site related things
  • Letting me know of places which could like the game

Nice menu blender bro!!! :P

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Tsukiyoarts Author

I'm happy you liked it =)

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Looks cool, can't wait to see what you make!

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