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OOC: Since no one else will I guess I will have to collect on these bounties. Note that this will effect the effective strength and characters involved on the side of the terrorists during the hijacking of Mandalore.

You may roleplay as any side and any character you wish.


The Gauntlet-type Battleship, Royal Senocra, arrived over Bonadan. It's identification transponder codes gave it and the group of Thane shuttles that departed from it immediate clearance to land in the capital. Only the Bonadanian Auxilia required additional information which was imparted by the garrisoned military. Once the Thane shuttles docked a contingent of Cha'saad unloaded from the vessels and were personally led by Ori'verda.

Some time ago the locations of all major facilities and minor bases of the Bonadan Enforcers had been located along with that of the other organizations that were against the Hegemony and now the brutal crackdown had begun against these deadly rebels.

All in the name of peace.

Cha'saad troopers formed ranks, Auxilia and the local military garrison was brought into full combat readiness. The entire defence grid was assembled to be brought in action as was required.

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