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Not to hijack the other discussion image, but feel free to write your own thoughts here or there... or wherever.

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I just left a long post on the other image, so I'll just refer you to that if you like. But I have to say I don't have such a great problem with the movie.
Granted, the old EU will alway be the "real" Star Wars for me but I somehow managed to accept the new lore as a different thing. I guess in my head I just flipped what Disney said, the old stuff is the real deal and the new movies are just legends or whatever.

Now to the point, I thought TFA was kinda meh since it mostly rehashed ideas from Episode IV, but TLJ had its own fairly original story and had some unexpected turns so I enjoyed it far more. Of course it isn't perfect and had some weird scenes as well (Leia's space excursion comes to mind), but overall it was okay for me.

Also now I'm convinced the writers were aware of the story of Darth Caedus and Jaina Solo and using that as inspiration for Kylo and Rey.
Though I still liked Rogue One a lot better than Episode VII and VIII and thus I'm now more looking forward to the other spinoffs than the next Episode.

On a side note, is it bad that I think it's funny that Leia is the only one of the original main characters that is still alive? And I'm curious what they do with Chewie, he seems kind of lost now as a character as he has always been the sidekick for Han. I feel he should have his moment of ultimate revenge in the next one and suicide-kill Kylo in some epic way. Drag him into a huge explosion or something like that.

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This video matches just how deep in the salt mines I am with this film. What an atrocity, what an abomination, what a total "fuck you" to fans.

Some technical points that really irked me:
ISD I's and II's were some of the fastest sublight capital ships in the galaxy, correct? WHY are the First Order's Resurgents so slow? Actually, forget it, that whole chase scene boggles the mind with its sheer stupidity. I admit I don't really know much about the new lore, but from what I've seen they do not make logical sense in terms of technological progression.

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