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The admins of this page were informed about the situation regarding HOPE/Reglegion/Ishukone/Madok54 habit of censoring opinion in this group and here is a brief explanation about the action they have taken.

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Hi everyone,

Most of use who are regular visitors of this group are likely well aware of the action of HOPE/Redlegion/Ishukone/Madok54.

For those who are unaware, he is rather passionate about the new canon and harbors a rather hostile attitude toward the Expanded Universe (Now Legends) and any one who cares about them.

While there is nothing wrong about being passionate about something you like, his method of expressing them was less then tolerable.

Instead of backing his opinions with solid arguments he/she developed a habit of censoring any criticisms to the new canon by either spamming or outright deleting comments. Some examples:

Comment censoring:

Latest incident of spamming: (7 random image immidietly after someone posted a legends material more examples of such behavior has been observed in the past. )

Karma trolling (Reportedly) :

Because of this, I have reached out to the moderators of this group and asked them to address the situation. CKYRules have taken my complaints to considerations and has taken the following steps:

1. HOPE/Redlegion/Ishukone/Madok54 has been remove from this group

2. CKYRules has informed me of his intention to issue a warning to Ishukone(now Madok54) and asking him stop such malicious behavior.

3. Taking note of the fact most of moderators of this group has been inactive for a long time, he has appointed me as the one of the new moderator of this group and asked me to appoint a few more as new mods to ensure smooth running of this group.

About the last step. Everyone, let me start by saying the I was not expecting to be appointed as one of the new admins of this group. And while my title of "Grand Master Jedi " is definitely quite flamboyant, I would like to assure everyone that I have no wish get in your way of expression your opinion about Star Wars in this group. You can be as a zealous defender about the new canon as Ishukone is or a harsh critic of it as ✧Joshua✧. What I won't allow however, in censoring others opinions just because you do not agree with them. This is doubly so for Ishukone(now Madok54), you are welcome to come back to this group if you are willing to follow this simple rule. If not, you and your actions will be continuously purged from this group to ensure everyone is allowed to freely voice their opinions.

And finally, this group need a few more moderators to ensure it operates effectively, I am going to ask a few of the more regulars and longtime members of this group to share this responsibility with me to ensure this group stays non biased and open to all forms of Star Wars fan.

PS: Let me apologize in advance for any poor choice or words, spelling or grammar mistakes and English is not my native language.

PPS: I have already un did the more notable of Ishukone deleted comments but fell free to inform me about any of his censorship action that I have missed to I can fix that promptly.

Mike Pence
Mike Pence

Thank you!

After all that nonsense I was starting to think I'd be stuck combating his trolling forever.

Congratulations on your promotion btw.

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CKYRules Creator

As I told Rkraptor, if you guys need anything my mailbox is open. I only wish you guys had come to me sooner.

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Ominous-Spud Creator

Well written rkraptor, this was a concern that needed addressing, thank you for taking the time to do so.

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Sanguinius Creator

If you want i can help with the moderating in this group. I'm already a moderator on Humor and Warhammer 40k Groups so i'm familiar with the rules...good luck nonetheless :)

Btw, i agree. They shouldn't be any censorship here. It's a FAN group for ALL Star Wars related stuff, canon or not.

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rkraptor70 Author

Thanks! I could use all the help I can get.

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Well, that's a relief after so many of my opinions shamelessly deleted. Glad to see it's settled.

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Good to see that this problem has been solved. Thanks rkraptor!

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What the others said. Very good.

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