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Kalga Creator

It would really be better off for Ukraine to split into a Pro West region and a Pro East region, because it's pretty obvious that the people[s] of Ukraine cannot agree on a government to rule over a united country. It would be better off for all involved...

Of course, in that case no major power will be brutally humiliated, so given the charged atmosphere well...

And let's be honest, the situation is no longer about the Ukrainian people or sovereignty or self determination anything noble like that, it is now all about another showdown between the West (who wonders why won't Russia accept playing second fiddle to the West and be their bitch) and Russia (who wonders why the West will never trust them).

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If Ukraine is split, it would destroy the Ukrainian economy, seeing as it is the eastern parts that holds a majority of the industry. This would also leave the EU with yet another economic burden to lift.

As for humiliation, it all depends on how the nation is split up. Russia bullying Ukraine into a split, is a slap in the face to the EU and the vest, if not to be considered open mockery.

These things should be done the proper way. Not through intimidation, brute force or the like. If we let people like Putin get away with these things, we open the doors for other nations to do the same, whether their cause is righteous or not.

I get the impression often that people seem to think Europe is acting overly aggressive (or defensive depending on how you see it) over this whole ordeal, I just see it as a sign that we've learned our lesson from WW2.

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I'm surprised nobody thinks that telling/ordering/forcing if necessary the Russians to leave and then having UN observers from neutral member states observe referendums in the Crimea region would be a good idea. That way, according to Putin's statements, everyone would win. The Russians would get Crimea and the rest of the concerned parties would be satisfied that everything was done fairly. Best way to avoid war.

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Ukrainian troops moving to eastern cities with armoured vehicles. Possible American/Western contractors in eastern Ukraine wearing commercial American Multicam camouflage and US Tricolor camouflage. Anti-Maidan/Pro-Russian protesters wanting a referendum. Radical/extremist/Nazi Ukrainian Politicians approving violence. Anti-Maidan/Pro-Russian protesters being threatened. Kiev threatening those who are considered by Kiev to be separatists. The Sacred War being played in Donetsk by Anti-Maidan/Anti-Nazi/Pro-Russian protesters. Police not following orders from Kiev. Right Sector militants advancing through Ukraine. U.S working with Ukraine's government on security. Could this lead to a Ukrainian civil war or World War 3?

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