Join the Social Modding Club where we plan events to play some of the great mods of our time, both old and new. The goal of this group is to allow members to easily plan and schedule events for gamers to play together. and Desura allow anyone to easily find, download, install, and update mods. This is the perfect place to setup a group with a forum that pulls gamers together so we can all enjoy the fruits of everyone's labor. My hope is that this will allow gamers to experience some of the amazing online mods that don't always have a large user base. I plan to have regularly scheduled events to keep this group active and a forum that will support users posting their own events or requests for gaming. Please join the group and enjoy the pleasures of playing mods with friends!

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Start off the new year with the first Social Modding Club events of 2010

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Welcome to the Social Modding Club,
We are a group of gamers that are looking for others to play all the great online mods that don't have huge user bases. Please join/track the group, enjoy the events, and post your own events and gaming requests in the forum. Below you will find information about the upcoming events for this weekend:

Celestial Impact

Date: Saturday, Jan. 9th 2010
Time: 1pm until 4pm EST (6pm to 9pm UK)
Mod: Celestial Impact
Download: Link

Celestial Impact is a great indie game that never has enough people playing it. If you go to their moddb/desura page you will see many gamers post the same thing. That the game is simply amazing but no one plays it because when they join they don't see anyone else playing it so they just quit and give up. Please join us on this saturday, there are a couple dedicated servers to choose from in the menu. Also type cg_hudStyle 2 in the console to get a much smaller and better HUD if desired.

Date: Saturday, Jan. 9th 2010
Time: 4pm until 7pm EST (9pm to 12pm UK)
Mod: Decadence

Decadence is an interesting and different online experience that stresses teamwork with 2 on 2 matches. I figured since this group is still small, the small team size would work well for the second event. There is a dedicated server up and the install includes a dedicated server setup if needed so join us.

NNK Header

Date: Sunday, Jan. 10th 2010
Time: 2pm until 6pm EST (7pm to 11pm UK)
Mod: Naruto: Naiteki Kensei
Download: Link on 10th at 1pm

This Half Life mod looks amazing while also sporting what looks like a fast and fluid fighting system. It is releasing its first open beta on Sunday so lets try to fill their servers on opening day. Even if you don't like Naruto, I think it would be worth checking out the amazing job this team did. Hope to see everyone online this weekend even if for only a game or two.

DOLBYdigital Author

Sorry group I apologize I am still learning the timing of the approval process here at I'm sure they are super busy with getting Desura up and running and the Top 100 contest. So I need to remember to post my event articles well in advance of the event day. I posted this late last night so that is why its just getting approved and shown now. I will learn from this mistake and begin posting my event articles at least 2 days in advance :)

We will still be playing the mods mentioned in the events all weekend so feel free to join in. Also the group has forums that are open to all so post a request for a mod and I and hopefully others will hop in. So track/join the group and join in the fun.

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