Join the Social Modding Club where we plan events to play some of the great mods of our time, both old and new. The goal of this group is to allow members to easily plan and schedule events for gamers to play together. and Desura allow anyone to easily find, download, install, and update mods. This is the perfect place to setup a group with a forum that pulls gamers together so we can all enjoy the fruits of everyone's labor. My hope is that this will allow gamers to experience some of the amazing online mods that don't always have a large user base. I plan to have regularly scheduled events to keep this group active and a forum that will support users posting their own events or requests for gaming. Please join the group and enjoy the pleasures of playing mods with friends!

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How To Use These Forums (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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Suggestions/Requests Suggestions/Requests

SourceForts (pado16 8 years ago)


New Games to ADD !

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Off Topic Off Topic

My dead forum i worked so hard... (weasil 8 years ago)

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Earth's Special Forces Earth's Special Forces

GAMING REQUESTS - ESF (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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Naruto: Naiteki Kensei Naruto: Naiteki Kensei

GAMING REQUESTS - N:NK (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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Half-Life 2
Decadence Decadence

GAMING REQUESTS - Decadence (Knut 8 years ago)

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Modular Combat Modular Combat

GAMING REQUESTS - Modular Combat (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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NeoTokyo NeoTokyo

GAMING REQUESTS - NeoTokyo (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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Pirates, Vikings, Knights II Pirates, Vikings, Knights II

GAMING REQUESTS - PVK ii (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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MechWarrior: Living Legends MechWarrior: Living Legends

GAMING REQUESTS - MW:LL (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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Angels Fall First: Planetstorm Angels Fall First: Planetstorm

GAMING REQUESTS - AFF: Planetstorm... (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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The Haunted The Haunted

GAMING REQUESTS - The Haunted (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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Renegade X Renegade X

GAMING REQUESTS - Renegade X (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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Celestial Impact Celestial Impact

GAMING REQUESTS - Celestial Impact... (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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Iron Grip: Warlord Iron Grip: Warlord

GAMING REQUESTS - Iron Grip: Warlord... (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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Lemmingball Z Lemmingball Z

GAMING REQUESTS - Lemmingball Z (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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ZEQ2-Lite ZEQ2-Lite

GAMING REQUESTS - ZEQ2-LITE (DOLBYdigital 8 years ago)

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