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GodfatherLorenzo Drunken Miner
Sep 7 2012 Anchor
So I was chatting to a few friends over skype at about 10 at night, talking about random shit and reading Wyrd Sisters (A really good Terry Pratchett book) and I decided I'd come off for the night. One of my 'Friends' who I shall leave un-named spammed a link to me and said "You need to watch that GIF before you go! It's awesome!"

So I unwittingly clicked on it and had my ears raped by the loudest scream ever, complete with a jigsaw like character's face on the screen with flashing eyes.

Not. Fucking. Funny.

Within about two seconds I had torn off my headset and within another five I'd closed the tab. My heart was going like the clappers and I though I might have loosened my bowels abit. After putting my headset back on, said douche-bag who sent me the link was laughing and there was a fair bit of Cursing and Colourful language sent his way from me before I ended the skype call and was trying to get ready for the best night's sleep I could.

I have a rather vivid imagination and I couldn't stop seeing the face in my mind's eye and hearing that eye piercing screech over and over. I quickly ninja'd over to my the light switch in my room and put it on full. But my windows were still open. I had visions of me pulling back the curtain and seeing that masked bastard just waiting to pull me out wailing into the night.

I was bricking it. No joke. I sat and continued reading Wyrd Sisters for about 20-40 minutes before I decided that I really should close my windows. I got up slowly and cautiously, walked over to the curtains and pulled them back the slightest. I then reached up and closed the top window and as I looked to shut the side window, I could see the reflection of my Neighbour's garden.

I swear I could see the bastard standing there. Almost like slender man. In a suit, casual stance, those horrible white blinking eyes fucking staring into my mind. I shut the window and closed my curtains faster than Usain Bolt on crack and sat my self back down next to my computer and continued reading Wyrd Sisters.

I kept thinking the GIF would just randomly reopen itself and I wouldn't be able to close it. And that even if I turned off my Computer the face would stay there, filling the screen and blinking at me.

I put on some music and just lay on my bed until about half 11, reading Wyrd Sisters and listening to Hadouken and Lowkey.

After Lowkey's 'Terrorist' was over I got up, walked over to my PC and shut it down. As the screen turned off I glimpsed a pair of white eyes in the reflection and quickly turned. Nothing. Then I saw them again, nearly invisible through the curtains. Staring at me. Then they vanished.

I was really not happy. I grasped the Celtic Cross around my neck and fiddled with it feverishly. I moved over to my door and found my Dream catcher which has kept me ever safe since I got it.

I used to have so many nightmares when I was really young. At least once or twice a week. But ever since I got the dreamcatcher, I had never had another nightmare, at home or abroad. Maybe it does have that power? Or maybe the thought of it being there and what it is supposed to do, tricks your psyche?

I hung the Dream Catcher in plain sight and turned my light down to half strength, before continuing to lie on my bed and read. After a few minutes, out of the corner of my eye I swear the door had opened a few inches and I saw a pair of white eyes, peering through the darkness of the corridor outside and looking me straight in the eyes. But when I turned to my door, it was firmly shut.

I continued to read. And after another few minutes. I glimpsed the white eyes again at the curtains.

I decided, balls to this, I'm going to try and get some sleep. I shut off my light and set my book on my desk and covered myself with my quilt. I shut my eyes as tight as they would go and put my face on the pillow, so if I ever did open my eyes and he was standing next to me, I would only see the pillow rather than his unearthly, shining and unblinking white circles contrasting to the darkness around him.

In my thoughts I could see his face and hear the horrible scream over and over. Even when I tried to think of other things the face and scream would come back and haunt me.

I lay first face for what seemed an eternity before I dared open my eyes to check the time on my iPod.

And there the face was.

And those horrible. Menacing eyes.

Kamin Drunken Master
Sep 7 2012 Anchor

Dude, I must admit that at first I was laughing my ass off. "Usain Bolt on crack," now THAT is funny! Did you write this yourself? If so, I moved it to the Creative Projects thread. If not, I'll just move it to General Discussion later.

Hahaha, I'm still laughing--some of it was just so hilarious. But now I'm gonna be all thinking about it before I sleep and stuff...

On a related note:

GodfatherLorenzo Drunken Miner
Sep 8 2012 Anchor

I did write this myself and yes I was shitting my pants.

Kamin Drunken Master
Sep 8 2012 Anchor

Bahaha, so it's based on a true story? That's awesome. Now I know why it was so colloquial and realistic. I must say I enjoyed it quite a bit. Sounds like you have some awesome friends, brother ;)

Oh, and you shouldn't check that link I put up either, probably.

GodfatherLorenzo Drunken Miner
Sep 13 2012 Anchor

Don't worry I already did, that shit don't scare me.

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