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Kamin Drunken Master
Sep 3 2012 Anchor

Since I feel it's an excellent program, I will link a copy to download here:

To update it, follow these steps:

1. Open the program. It will ask you to find and save the location of your
Dwarf Fortress gamelog.txt file. SoundSense "listens" to this file to play
appropriate sounds as the game progresses.

2. Open the SoundSense folder and find the configuration.xml file. It
can be opened and edited in Notepad or Wordpad. This is where you will
change the website address for updating. Just paste this current,
updated address over the old one (you'll find it, it's not a big file):

3. Start SoundSense's auto update. It's one of like 4 tabs on the interface.

4. Once it's updated (there are probably a few updates, depending on
your version of the LNP), just leave SoundSense running in the
background and open up DF. You'll want to mute the DF sounds so you can
hear the program's music and sound files.

I think you'll all find it extremely useful. It allows you to hear important events, such as
combat, as it occurs--that way you don't find out way later you've got a
werekangaroo in your fort that's already killed off half of your
population. It also diversifies the game with lots of different MUSIC! (Thank God.)

Profile1234882721 Servant of Armok
Oct 30 2012 Anchor

But i love that neverending guitar track. oh well, downloaded anyways.


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Nov 12 2012 Anchor

The environmental effects alone were worth the minor hassle of setup (e.g., weather) . I was amazed at how much sound makes a difference. It reminded me to not ignore sound in my own projects. Although the guitar would put my wife to sleep as she lay next to me and I play till the WEEEEEeeeeeeeee........ hours of the morning... Now I have to play with headphones as the thunder and other sounds wakes her...

Kamin Drunken Master
Nov 12 2012 Anchor

Hahaha, so now I guess I have seen a reason to NOT use SoundSense... Damn. And here I was, thinking it was good for all seasons (no pun intended) ;)

Nov 13 2012 Anchor

My favorite moment was a battle woke her. She mumbled out "can you get your dwarves killed more quietly?" she rolled over then lovingly mumbled "tell me about it in the morning..." and started snoring. She is a keeper. She likes the post session narrative, well mostly. It is much asking a roleplayer to talk about their character... It is a sickness. If she asks I will talk about it incessantly until she has had enough. She asks about it like it was work... "So how did go last night?", How is so and so, and is the epic project moving forward... have you figured out how to get them to drink water yet? Little things like that, etc. etc. But this is about sound sense, so I digress.

Sound sense addition is good! Play it till your asked to turn it down. ;) If sound sense had a dial I would turn it to 11.

Kamin Drunken Master
Nov 14 2012 Anchor

Hahaha, I totally love it! She sounds like she rocks. You did well, Orion! :D

Funny enough, Simon Swerwer, the guitarist/composer behind most of the new tracks, is a member of this group! He's a totally awesome guy and is a gifted musician, to boot.

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