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oh cool there is a forum (Groups : Slaves to Alcohol: Dwarf Fortress Fanpage : Forum : Open Discussion : oh cool there is a forum) Locked
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Sep 11 2012 Anchor

Is this the forum you posted about in your page?

Kamin Drunken Master
Sep 11 2012 Anchor

I imagine it must be! Hahaha, although I am on Bay12 a lot.

Nov 8 2012 Anchor

/Firmly plants a subject to talk about

So... anyone interested in large-scale RTS like Supreme Commander?

/Prepares a backup subject, in case the first one fails

I am actually forum-shy, but this place seems mild enough for me to start scampering around and getting used to this strange environment of ACTUALLY contributing to forum discussion, as opposed to simply being amused by entertaining posts.

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Profile1234882721 Servant of Armok
Nov 10 2012 Anchor

Just Remember, Everybody Loves GIFs


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Kamin Drunken Master
Nov 12 2012 Anchor

Oh my goodness. That .gif.

Grim: I rather like RTS, but have never played SC. Truth be told, I'm not even much of a gamer; DF is one of the only things I really play, and even then it's only when I'm drunk.

As far as being forum-shy is concerned, we're all very mild here--everybody is welcome! We're all happy to have you. If you're more interested in a larger forum, check out Bay12 Forums. They are extremely liberal, and is one of those very strange bastions on the Internet where everybody is welcome and trolling isn't tolerated. If you don't believe me, go and look for yourself--I'd be impressed if you found any flaming that wasn't on a more odious political thread.

Nov 27 2012 Anchor

Thanks a lot Kamin! Pogovampire, thank YOU for making me feel at ease. :P

I'm a pretty dedicated gamer. Hell, I'm sure I was understating my status... I'm a huge gamer. I worry that I'm gonna play more than I'm going to want to design. I even made a pledge which I'm... more-or-less following through: "Don't buy any new games 'till you pass all the ones you already own."

More-or-less following through, because I keep doing opportunistic buyouts of cheaply-priced games. x.x (AND that I waste my precious game-completing time by playing games that don't really have an end; also playing emulator games, which would mean infinite gaming)

And the gifts, oh boy. I recently got a PS3 by a rich uncle (it was his, truth be told), with the newest CoD game, Black Ops 2. Normally, I would NEVER buy one of these, but I'm open-minded and resourceful enough to have enjoyed the hell out of it. The story is actually mentionable, with a delicious villain. Of course, I suspect the CoD fans won't bother talking 'bout the Campaign, grumble grumble...

Anyways, my favorite game series is Metroid, with my favorite genre being RTS and, technically, Simulation.

I love my GIFs too. C:

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