From the planet of Korriban we emerged.. surrounded in darkness hate and anger... our time has come. The Galaxy will be ours.

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Ten10dix Your Darkest NightMare...
Jun 21 2011 Anchor

I suggest the Archives should be completed to show the progression of the sith, their mistakes so we do not repeat them, their strenghts so we may add them to our own. The many victorys that have made the sith the beings that the avergage man fears and the defeats that drives the anger in our soul. Also any big event (the extermination of the jedi for example ^^) should be posted their. Example: "Yestarday, the jedi fell to our blades blah blah blah we are powerful blah blah blah."


Think of your darkest Nightmare, think of the thing you never dare to even pronounce it`s name. Think of something so dark, so cunning, so powerful that one look can make grown men weep. Think of the creature in the corner of your eye, the thing you never dare look at, the thing you fear the most.
Think of the thing that comes out of the Shadows to feast on your darkest fears.

I am all these things. And so much more...

moxbestro the Sith Librarian
Aug 21 2011 Anchor

those are the memories of a mad man:
sunday 21 august 2011
, i was returning from a Katarr, and i saw madness betwen us, the sith folowers.they are in peace with the jedi council...this is the last thing that i was giving to see...sith in peace with the jedi! i will not rest until i will kill anyone who dare to opose me and absorb his power.i will not stop until i will rule everyting with my steel fist!
i'm sorry cuz i haved killed my only sister Visas Marr,that was a jedi master....and now when i come home my brothers maked peace :(
this is untinkeble...

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i hold all the knowledge of Sith!

Johnyboy1{S1TH} That special emperor
Aug 22 2011 Anchor

so you just wiped out one of the last miralukas. Are you a marr?


-Joanthan Spann a.k.a DarthJohnyboy1

moxbestro the Sith Librarian
Aug 26 2011 Anchor



i hold all the knowledge of Sith!

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