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Post news Report RSS POTC 5 (coming July 2015) rumors, facts and speculation (updated 19. october)

The rumors are out (of course) I'll fill them in here i will also include facts, rumors, speculation and what the different actors have claimed/said I'll mark mark the keywords in BOLD and underline, I will have my speculation at the end of the article I will update the article as more gets known.

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Because of POTC 4 massive success in box office (money) disney will allow them to make more and of course the main crew are still abord, (Johnny Deep, Geoffrey Rush, Kevin McNally and of course Jerry Bruckheimer) sources have it that the script for potc 5 was already finished before the 4th hit the cinema but because of the critics against
the movie they went back into the script to improve the 5th movie according to Kevin McNally they plan on shooting the film this summer (2012) Orlando Bloom have stated they he wants to retun in
POTC 5 so lets hope Jerry knows this!
nothing is known about the plot for
the film maybe it will go around getting the Pearl out of the bottle or maybe that Pearl's freedom is the prologe to the film becuase its about something entirely different? Maybe the new Davy Jones - William Turner has something to do with the Pearl's freedom?

Disney is working on a ship that everyone will know as The Black Pearl or The Wriched Wrech what is it for is it for Pirates 5 or is it for a tourism deal?
(The Black Pearl was cut down and re-painted as Queen Annes Revenge in POTC 4 so they need to build a new one or build it back)
Johnny is going to earn 60 million British pounds to reprise Captain Jack in a 5 movie

The following is from Nme.com
The Caribbean Business news website claimed that the new Pirates film would begin filming in Puerto Rico this November (2012). Shortly afterwards, Disney dismissed the report as inaccurate and insisted that that the sequel is still "in development".

While scotching the rumours, a Disney source gave Moviehole a brief teaser of the sequel's set-up, saying: "Will Turner's story might not be finished." However, the source declined to discuss the possible involvement of Knightley's character or answer any further questions about the sequel.
Keith Richards has publicly confirmed that he has signed a contract for POTC 5 recently and he is eager to get started.

I will update this article as rumors get out


I want El Dorado with Nate! Oh well, Sparrow is cool too.

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