Welcome to the home of the Nexus Enclave the faction dedicated to uniting the Nothern galaxy against various threats as well as peaceful co-existence with the other major factions of the galaxy

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Citizens in service of the Nexus Enclave. Though not the largest military machine in comparison to other factions, it is varied and comprised of some of advanced ships and fine quality soldiers ever known. It is never to be underestimated.

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The Enclave Military

"Fight - Win - Prevail" -Service motto

The Enclave is dedicated to uniting and safeguarding the northern portion of the galaxy against various threats as well as peaceful co-existence with the other major factions of the galaxy.

Citizens of the Enclave.

You are the sword, you are the shield, you are the strength of the Enclave.

The Enclave Army

To preserve valuable organic lives, the vast majority of Enclave ground forces are made up of war dudes based off of the ancient battle dudes formerly used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems in the Clone Wars. Of course, the Enclave has updated these machines into a formidable, modern force. A force to be reckoned with.

Biker Advanced Recon Commando

  • Twin Light Blaster Cannons
Manufacturer: Aratech Repulsor Company
Class: Repulsorcraft (4.57m)

The Biker Advanced Recon Commando (BARC) speeder was a speeder bike manufactured by Aratech Repulsor Company. It was designed for use by the Nexus Enclave's military. The speeder gives the ordinary trooper fighting on foot increased speed, mobility and firepower. Used primarily as a scouting and escort vehicle, it was readily adaptable for various environments and missions. With the addition of optional support struts, a sidecar or stretcher could be attached to its side. The BARC speeder was also available for use by civilian police, specifically the Paladius Security Force, to patrol the Republic capital planet of Paladius.

The BARC is armed with a single twin blaster cannon and has a top speed of 520 kilometers per hour. The rider is equipped with a simple blaster sidearm
B1 Battle Droid

  • 1 Primary Blaster Rifle
  • 1 Blaster Pistol Sidearm
  • 3 Thermal Detonators
Manufacturer: Baktoid Combat Automata
Class: Battle Droid (1.93m)

B1s were perhaps the most numerous—and expendable—soldiers in galactic history, and unlike most organic soldiers, they were capable of action in hostile environments such as underwater or in space. They were designed, for the most part, to defeat their enemies through sheer numbers, not through their ability to think and utilize combat skills.
B2 Super Battle Droid

  • 1 Built-in Double Blaster Cannon
  • 1 Wrist Rocket Launcher
  • Hardened Armoured Body-case
Manufacturer: Baktoid Combat Automata
Class: Battle Droid (1.93m)

The B2 super battle droid (SBD) was an upgraded version of the B1 battle droid, with superior armament and armor. They were manufactured after the Invasion of Naboo proved need for stronger droids. B2s were used by the Trade Federation, the Techno Union, and later, on a much larger scale, the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Some units were later reactivated on Mustafar by Gizor Dellso and other members of the Separatist holdouts, and the Galactic Alliance also used some B2 units during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Now the Nexus Enclave uses them.
B3 Ultra Battle Droid

  • 1 Tight-spray Flamethrower
  • 2 Retractable Rapid-fire Blaster Cannons
  • 1 Rocket Launcher
  • 1 Wide-spray Plasma Cannon
  • Density Projector
Manufacturer: Baktoid Combat Automata
Class: Battle Droid (4m)

The B3 ultra battle droid was based on the B2 super battle droid model, though it was far larger and bulkier than the B2. The B3 had two large arms fitted with a flamethrower and a wide-spray plasma cannon. Two smaller arms, located underneath the primary limbs, featured deadly rapid-fire blasters, similar to the B2 battle droid. In addition, the ultra droid had a magazine of brilliant missiles located to the left of its large, neckless head. The B3 also had a density projector to increase its weight, keeping it from falling over in combat.

  • 2 Twin Built-in Blaster Cannons
  • Built-in Shield Projector
  • Transform into ball shape for high speed transportation
Manufacturer: Colicoid Creation Nest
Class: Battle Droid (1.83m)

The droideka was designed by the carnivorous Colicoids of Colla IV, who were displeased by the limitations of Baktoid Combat Automata's basic B1 battle droids. Before the Federation's defeat following their Invasion of Naboo, these droids were usually slaved to a central control computer. This technique fell out of favour in the aftermath of said battle, however, and they later functioned independently like the B2 super battle droids did. This independence rendering them both much more expensive and much more lethal. What also made them unique to battle droids was that they could roll into position on the battle field and act as a turret.
BX-series Droid Commando

  • 1 Primary Blaster Rifle
  • 3 Thermal Detonators
  • 1 Vibrosword
  • 1 Stun Baton
  • Personal Shield
  • Electrobinocular
  • Fusioncutter
Manufacturer: Baktoid Combat Automata
Class: Battle Droid (1.91m)

The droid commandos were built to be substantially faster and stronger than a regular battle droid, and also possessed heavier armor that was capable of withstanding multiple shots from most blasters. However, sustained barrages or a single headshot could overwhelm them, but like super battle droids and IG-100 MagnaGuards, at least one unit confronting Eeth Koth was sliced in half, but remained operational long enough for Koth to render it inoperable with a stab to the head. The only real drawback of these droids was that they were far more expensive to produce than the regular infantry. This made the droids a fairly rare sight on the battlefield and thus made them to be used exclusively on special and or critical missions only.</span
T-series Tactical Droid

  • Synchronized Fire Circuits
  • Durasteel Plating
Manufacturer: Baktoid Combat Automata
Class: Droid (1.93m)

This model was more intelligent than standard battle droids and was deployed to command Separatist troops where organic leadership was not available. They had advanced combat-analysis software and were very intelligent. They were also designed with advanced cognitive modules that processed vast quantities of data rapidly, and would constantly run simulations of imminent combat, calculating odds to develop strategies.
All Terrain Scout Walker

  • 1 Rapid-fire Laser Cannon
  • Light Armour Plating
Manufacturer: Ouroboros
Class: Light Walker (3.3m)

The All Terrain Scout Walker, or AT-SW, is a powerful infantry support and reconnaissance platform comparable to old Imperial walker designs. Standing at 3.3 meters in height it overs excellent line-of-sight and great range for its single repeating laser cannon, allowing it to fire over infantry formations, small houses and pin down hostiles and light vehicles.

The walker can dash at 80 to 100 kilometres per hour. Its great speed comes at a cost to its armour. Heavy weapons would make quick work of the walker were it not for its excellent manoeuvring. It carries a crew of 3-4 people and is armed with a single rapid firing laser cannon for taking out infantry. While it has great speed to offset this the walker has limited armour meaning any heavy weapons will make quick work should it find itself unable to manoeuvrer.
T2-C Repulsor Tank

  • 1 Quad Light Blaster Cannon
  • 1 Missile Rack
  • Shield Generator
Manufacturer: Yutrane-Trackata
Class: Repulsorcraft (9m)

The T2-B repulsor tank was a light attack tank previously used by the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. The technology behind this vehicle was recovered and updated by the Nexus Enclave for use as an anti-infantry and anti-air platform. The tank's repulsorlifts allow it to travel over any form of terrain, even making the transition from water to land with relative ease. The T2-B carries a sophisticated sensor system, making it a valuable scouting vehicle for air assaults and similar long-range attacks.

But, being armed only with four rapid fire-linked lasers, made the repulsor tank a weak attack vehicle when compared to heavier walkers and mainline tanks. However, it does have deflector shields, which allowed some lasting power while under enemy fire. It can counter infantry and aircraft very well because its shield is strong enough to deflect the majority of small blaster fire, and its rapid fire cannon. The new T2-C Repulsor Tank comes, in addition with its previous armaments, with a missile rack to suppress aircraft even better.
Armoured Assault Tank-2

  • 1 Heavy Laser Cannon
  • 2 Repeating Blaster Cannons
  • 2 Light Laser Cannons
  • 6 Chain-fed Energized Shell Projectile Launchers
  • Heavy Armour Plating
  • Shield Generator
Manufacturer: Baktoid Armour Workshop
Class: Repulsorcraft (9.75m)

The Armoured Assault Tank, or AAT-1, was a formidable vehicle used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars; it was augmented with heavy inches-thick frontal armour that allowed it to plough through walls, and had heavy weaponry. It carried a payload of 57 shells, but once these were exhausted, the AAT-1 had to return to its carrier to have its shovel-shaped lower hull completely replaced, fully replenishing its supply.

The Nexus Enclave military took the design and remodelled it for the modern battlefield, giving it a shield generator and doubling the armour on weak points. The resulting AAT-1 is a staple in the armoured corps.
Sledgehammer Heavy Artillery

  • 1 Super-Heavy "Railgun" Mass Driver
  • Heavy Armour Plating
Manufacturer: MandalMotors
Class: Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery (60m)

Originally of Mandalorian design, the Sledgehammer heavy artillery platform was unused by the Mandalorians following the dissolution of the Hegemony. Seeing this and not wanting a powerful weapon to go to waste, Emperor Windu was able to strike a bargain with a Mandalorian leader for the designs and subsequently added it to the Nexus Enclave's arsenal.

The Sledgehammer Heavy Artillery is an extremely powerful piece of ordnance built by in a typical Mandalorian fashion. One large railgun is mounted on an equally massive chassis. The railgun can lob large destructive shells over a very large distance, this is followed by a lengthy reload. The obvious weakness is that despite its heavy armour that the Sledgehammer is very slow and not manoeuvrable, its main weapon also has a large dead zone which it cannot hit.
Megalodon Mobile Siege Platform

  • 5 Dual Rapid-fire Anti-infantry Laser Cannons
  • 10 Dual Turbolaser Cannons
  • 5 Anti-Air Laser Cannons
  • 8 Point-defense Laser Turrets
  • Heavy Armour Plating
Manufacturer: Neucom Incorporated
Class: Repulsorcraft (30m)

Rather than create a large ground-based vehicle like the All Terrain Assault Walker or Heavy Assault Vehicle A7 Juggernaut the Nexus Enclave opted to create a truly all terrain vehicle capable of traveling to any combat zone with ease due to its twelve massive repulsorlift generators and twenty smaller support repulsorlift generators.

The thirty meter long Megalodon has enough firepower to level a small town. Its armament consists of five dual rapid fire anti-infantry laser cannons and ten dual heavy turbolaser cannons for anti-armor purposes. To protect it from aircraft and missiles the Megalodon is armed with five anti-air laser cannons and eight point defense laser cannons, if all else fails its starship-grade hull plating should resist attack.

The Enclave Logistics Force

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Titan-class Assault Shuttle

  • 4 Dual Laser Cannons
Manufacturer: Neucom Incorporated
Class: Shuttle (?m)

Excellent for rapid insertions and providing direct air support. The Titan is a lightly armoured, lightly shielded assault shuttle capable of space-to-space and atmospheric operations and can ferry twenty fully-equipped soldiers into combat.

It is armed with four double laser cannons, two front-mounted and two mounted on top.
C-9959-class Assault Shuttle

  • 6 Wingtip Laser Cannons
  • 6 Turret-mounted Cannons
  • Missile Jammer
Manufacturer: Haor Chall Engineering
Class: Lander (210m)

A large-sized landing craft built by Haor Chall Engineering for the Trade Federation's military forces, and later for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. When the Trade Federation began planning to create its military forces, Haor Chall Engineering produced a design for a landing craft that would carry troops and ground vehicles from warships down to planets.

It has the ability to carry over 273 troops with all supplies and full armour support consisting for the most part of 30 Platoon Attack Craft, 120 Armored Assault Tanks, 12 Multi-Troop Transports, a Mobile Command Centre and a single Sheathipede-class transport.

This carrying capacity made the C-9969 a natural choice for the heavy duty troop and vehicle transportation of the Nexus Enclave military forces. With some slight modifications made internally to accommodate for different vehicles and updates to its outdated systems the newly improved C-9959 can carry a large amount of Nexus troops. Improvements were made to the original eight laser cannons and their number increased by four for a total of twelve laser cannons, spread over the C-9959. Finally, it also has a missile jammer.

The Enclave Navy

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  • 1 SC3 Primary Blaster Rifle
  • 1 Blaster Pistol Sidearm
  • 3 Thermal Detonators
  • Advanced Reinforced Plasteel Body Armour
Manufacturer: Varies
Class: Infantry (varies)

Citizens of the Nexus Enclave serve a mandatory year within the military to discipline them in combat for the protection of the Nexus Enclave and their home.

Named after the primary man at arms of the First Galactic Empire from centuries ago, the so-called Nexus Stormtroopers are also known as Stormmarines, Enclave Marines and Stormtrooper Marines. These Stormtroopers are citizens who volunteer to become a part of a professional military corps within the Nexus Enclave and serve a tour of service. These soldiers are drilled to perfection and highly disciplined making them very nearly unbreakable in their patriotic devotion to the protection of the Enclave.

The Nexus Stormtroopers are armed with the patented SC3 Battle Rifle. It combines lethal firepower with impressive range and a versatile design. Featuring three power settings; lethal, stun, and sting, the rifle proved useful for a variety of combat situations. An advanced cooling system resulted in the blaster's superior performance, especially useful for its fully automatic fire setting. The SC3 also included a telescopic range-finding sight and a folding three-position stock, which could convert the blaster into a full-length rifle. Its standard issue power cells carried energy for 100 shots however the rifle could also be loaded with plasma cartridges that could last for more than 500 shots.

  • 4 Twin Laser Cannons
Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems
Class: Starfighter (9.6m)

The TIE Highly Manoeuvrable Technology is a space superiority fighter incorporating four variable wings that rotate around a central axis. The design incorporates a radical new thrust vector system that allows thrust from the main engine to be redistributed as needed between the four control vanes on the wings, in addition to the standard Ion thrust system in the rear. The wings, payload and cockpit assembly are modular, allowing for a wide variety of designs and configurations.

The TIE HiMaT is equipped with four double laser cannons for a superb fire-rate. The downside to its ability to re-position its foils for attack, defence or speed is that the TIE HiMaT carries a smaller shield generator when compared to other starfighters.
TIE Shadow

  • 4 Laser Cannons
  • 2 Proton Bomb Bays
Manufacturer: Neucom Incorporated
Class: Bomber (8.6m)

The TIE Shadow is one of the newest TIE bomber designs, created by Elly von Hauten of Neucom Inc. the Shadow is the fastest and most manoeuvrable this bomber can evade most shots from conventional starfighters and out run some of the slower fighter designs. The only downside to this speed boost is that the bomber pilots have to do extra aim calculations to make sure that the speed of the craft does not throw off the delivery of its proton bomb complement.

The Shadow is relatively unarmoured and has light shielding but makes up for it with four laser cannons for personal defence and two bomb bays for a swift delivery of its ordnance.
Dagger-class Heavy Corvette

  • 2 Tri-barrel Ion Cannons
  • 2 Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 8 Dual Turbolasers
  • Advanced Sensors
  • "Sturdy" Hull
  • Shield Generator
Manufacturer: Neucom Incorporated
Class: Corvette (200m)

At two-hundred meters long, the Dagger-class is nearly twice the size of conventional corvettes and borders crossing over in frigate-sized warships. It cometh equipped with an advanced sensor package for patrolling systems, acting as a picket ship and protecting the fleet from threats.

It comes equipped with a sturdy hull and shield rated slightly above that of regular corvettes at the cost of some speed. The Dagger-class is armed with two triple-barrel ion cannons, two single barrel heavy ion cannons and eight dual turbolasers.
Enclave-class Heavy Cruiser

  • 40 Laser Cannons
  • 50 Turbolaser Cannons
  • 2 Proton Torpedo Launchers
  • 20 Point-defense Laser Cannons
  • 25 Dual Heavy Ion Cannons
  • Shield Generator
Manufacturer: Neucom Incorporated
Class: Heavy Cruiser (1,000m)

This warship is 1000 meters in length, made for direct engagements and the thick of combat. Armed with forty laser cannons, fifty turbolasers, two proton torpedo launchers, twenty point-defense laser cannons and twenty-five dual heavy ion cannons. The Enclave is a powerful warship with an extensive arsenal and great firepower but no fighter capacity and limited sublight speed.
Obsidian-class Star Destroyer

  • 1 Tri-barrel Ultra-heavy Mass Driver
  • 60 Dual heavy Turbolaser Cannons
  • 68 Quad Laser Turrets
  • 30 Dual Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 12 Assault Concussion Missile Launchers
  • 40 Point-Defense Laser Turrets
  • Shield Generator
  • 12 Tractor Beams
  • 84 Starfighters
  • 12 Shuttles
Manufacturer: Neucom Incorporated
Class: Star Destroyer (1,600m)

The most iconic vessel within the Nexus Enclave, designed by Elly von Hauten of Neucom Incorporated under the direct supervision of Emperor Windu himself. The Obsidian-class is the primary Star Destroyer and excels in its class. At 1,600 meters long it dwarfs contemporary pocket Star Destroyers such as the Nebula and has increased firepower, durability and flexibility.

The Obsidian-class, with its sleek dagger-shaped design, comes armed with sixty heavy dual turbolasers, sixty-eight quad-laser turrets, thirty dual heavy ion cannons, twelve assault concussion missile tubes, forty point-defense laser turrets and twelve tractor beam projectors. Its primary weapon is a triple ultra-heavy mass driver. 84 starfighters and 12 shuttles can fit nicely inside six large hangars, four along the starboard and portside ridges, one beneath the ship and one directly at its peak.
Venator II-class Star Destroyer

  • 52 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
  • 10 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
  • 10 Dual Medium Turbolaser Cannons
  • 10 Proton Torpedo Tubes
  • Shield Generator
  • 6 Tractor Beams
  • 52 Starfighters
  • 20 Shuttles
Manufacturer: Neucom Incorporated
Class: Star Destroyer (1,200m)

The successor to the famed Venator-class Star Destroyer previously used by the Galactic Republic's Grand Army during the Clone Wars, this new iteration is vastly superior to its older counterpart.

With a carrying capacity of several hundreds of metric tons the vessel is able to carry 204 starfighters and 20 transport shuttles. It is armed with six tractor beam projectors, fifty-two heavy turbolaser batteries, ten medium dual turbolasers, ten heavy turbolaser cannons and ten proton torpedo tubes.
Valiant-class Star Destroyer

  • 18 Quad Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
  • 32 Dual Medium Turbolaser Cannons
  • 40 Point-defense Laser Cannons
  • 10 Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 10 Heavy Proton Torpedo Tubes
  • Shield Generator
  • Advanced Sensors
  • Advanced Communications
  • Electronic Warfare Suite
  • 72 Starfighters
  • 8 Shuttles
  • 8 Gravity Well Generator Mines
Manufacturer: Neucom Incorporated
Class: Star Destroyer (1,700m)

The Valiant-class Star Destroyer is the dedicated command ship within the Nexus Enclave's military. Suitably equipped with Ouroboros and Neucom Inc. co-designed advanced sensory equipment, electronic warfare suites and communications systems.

The vessel is 1,700 meters long. Its armament consists of 18 heavy quad turbolasers, 32 medium dual turbolasers, 40 point-defense laser cannons, 10 heavy ion cannons and 10 heavy proton torpedo tubes. All Valiant-class Star Destroyers have three hangar bays with a capacity to carry 72 starfighters, 8 shuttles and 8 gravity well generating mines.
Lucrehulk II-class Battleship

  • 220 Point-defense Quad Laser Cannons
  • 520 Assault Laser Cannons
  • 60 Turbolaser Cannons
Manufacturer: Hoersch-Kessel Drive Incorporated
Class: Battlecruiser (3,170m)

While ancient by current standards, these ships were once the pride of the Trade Federation's merchant fleet, and later the Confederacy of Independent System's military. The Lucrehulk was the mainline carrier and droid control ship, having superb defense and decent offensive capabilities its true strength was with its inordinate carrying capacity.

Nexus Enclave engineers were able to restore this warship and bring it up to modern standards, even going as far as to enhance it. The Lucrehulk Mark II is armed with 220 point-defense quad laser batteries, 35 more than it's Clone War counterpart. 520 Assault Laser cannons and 60 Turbolasers make up its remaining weaponry, the Clone War counterpart merely had 51 Turbolasers.
Assertor-class Super Star Destroyer

  • 2,000 Dual Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
  • 1,000 Dual Turbolaser Cannons
  • 500 Dual Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 500 Point-defense Laser Cannons
  • 8 Proton Torpedo Tubes
  • 10 Assault Concussion Missile Launchers
  • Shield Generator
  • 200 Starfighters
  • 20 Shuttles
  • 2,000+ Starfighter Capacity
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Class: Star Dreadnought (15,000m)

The Assertor-class Star Dreadnought was 15 kilometers long and had a hull-shape similar to the Executor-class Star Dreadnought, being primarily shaped like an arrowhead. It was considered the second largest of the standard Star Dreadnought line, as well as the largest in the Imperial Navy in a family that included the Mandator- and Bellator-class ships. The overall ship's hull was shaped like a long, thin arrowhead hull.

On the top of the ship was a large, prominent ridge from the stern up to a few yards from the bow, containing several guns as well as the command bridge, slightly similar in appearance to the ridge of the Mandator- and Bellator-class dreadnoughts. The Assertor comes armed with 2000 dual heavy turbolasers, 1000 dual turbolasers, 500 dual heavy ion cannons, 500 point-defense laser cannons, 8 proton torpedo launchers and 10 assault concussion missile launchers.

On the ventral side of the Assertor were located three ridges—one directly behind the reactor bulge and two to the sides facing the ship's bow. The Assertor-class has a fighter capacity of to up 2000 starfighters and over but rarely that many due to the presence of other dedicated carrier vessels as well as the expenses involved in filling the ship fighter compliment to peak capacity

Nexus Enclave Prime Strike Force

Commander: Grand Admiral Kelila Stephenson

1 - Assertor-class Super Star Destroyer
"Spear of Paladius"

1 - Venator Mark II-class Star Destroyer
8 - Obsidian-class Star Destroyers
2 - Lucrehulk-class Battleships
6 - Enclave-class Heavy Cruisers
6 - Dagger-class Heavy Corvettes

Nexus Enclave Secondary Strike Force

Commander: Deus Dai

1 - Valiant-class Star Destroyer
"Dragon Within"

8 - Obsidian-class Star Destroyers
2 - Lucrehulk-class Battleships
6 - Enclave-class Heavy Cruisers
5 - Dagger-class Heavy Corvettes

Nexus Tertiary Strike Force

Commander: Admiral Arkanus

1 - Imperious-class Star Destroyer

8 - Obsidian-class Star Destroyers
2 - Lucrehulk-class Battleships
6 - Enclave-class Heavy Cruisers
5 - Dagger-class Corvettes

Special Armed Response Force

The Special Armed Response Force is an elite vanguard unit within the Nexus Enclave military responsible for first response in a crisis, specialized in high-speed and high-risk operations with limited intel. The SARF makes widespread use of cutting-edge and experimental technologies in relief and peacekeeping efforts.

They are are the forefront of any crisis, the first to enter and the last to leave.

Hardened veterans transferred from the Stormtrooper corps, the Fusiliers are the results of a powerful training program, with a 22% fatality rate and a 97% drop-out rate for the survivors.

One of their greatest advantages is their all-weather survival training, making them more capable of fighting in foreign and hostile climates than the average soldier. In addtion, Fusuliers are taught about common alien physiology, to administer aid or to quickly aliminate a potantial threat.

Armed with a modified SC3 Battle Rifle, vibroblades and Bonadan Alloy Light Suits with integrated repulsorpack systems and helmet systems such as filters and visor modes. This equipment is created by Ouroboros, Fusiliers are highly mobile due to their comparatively lightweight loadout. They come prepared for a variety of situations. larger teams have personnel armed with the Harkonnen anti-material sniper rifle, which requires a two-man team to operate, and the MW-22 man portable mortar system for use against entrenched enemies and vehicles.

Note: Not counting support personnel. There are only between 400 and 1000 Fusiliers at a time, forming a single battalion. This is due to the extremely difficult training program and quality of the Fusiliers.

Developed to work in conjunction with Fusiliers while maintaining the mobility and versatility of the infantry and the rest of the Special Armed Response Force and yet still have formidable firepower and durability, the Hussar repulsor tank is a mainstay in SARF ground operations but ill-fit for prolonged skirmishes against true armoured units.

The Hussar only requires a single crew member to act as its pilot, gunner and commander, conditions within the Hussar are cramped as they are regardless. Most space is taken up by the technology and energy embedded into the vehicle such as the repulsorlift generator, light shield generator, long-range communications systems and weapon charging systems.

Hussars come equipped with two medium laser cannons controlled directly by its pilot while a droid brain controls the light repeater for use against aerial targets and infantry formations.

XR-900 Geophelia
Starfighter (15.2m)

Hardened veterans transferred from the Nexus Enclave's starfighter corps, these aces are signed on with SARF.

The XR-900 Geophelia, equipped with experimental COFFIN technology, is the best starfighter in the Nexus Enclave. Armed with two Medium Laser Cannons and a single Proton Torpedo or Concussion Missile Launcher, the Geophelia is lightly armed and lightly armoured but extremely fast and highly maneuverable with excellent shields.

R-330 Halcyon
Shuttle (18.7m)

The R-330 Halcyon, equipped with experimental COFFIN technology, is the fastest transport in the Nexus Enclave.

Armed with a single twin rapid-fire blaster cannon and two missile pods above the troop rampart and beneath the cockpit. The Halcyon is lightly armed and lightly armoured but extremely fast and highly maneuverable with excellent shields. It can carry a strike squad of ten troops along with vital supplies such as ammunition and medical equipment.

R-701 Triakis-class
Superlight Corvette (40m)

Designed and made specifically for the Special Armed Response Force to gather intelligence and keep hostile starfighters at bay.

The Triakis-class is the first superlight corvette in the galaxy, needing only a minimum crew of three to five people. Appropriately armed for its size and role within the SARF, the Triakis is meant for rapid skirmishes but not prolonged engagement. It is armed with three double laser cannons and two medium laser cannons mounted at the tip of the starship.

R-103 Delphinus-class
Frigate (210m)

This SARF-exclusive warship was made to spearhead assault forces into the unknown.

Equipped with excellent shields and powerful engines at the cost of armour durability, the R-103 Delphinus can take a bit of punishment as it maneuvers into its optimal firing position. It comes armed with three heavy long-range turbolasers and twenty-six turbo laser cannons. The Delphinus comes with a hangar, though these are not as grand as that of the Orcinus they can function as a temporary refuge for Geopelia and Halcyon pilots or provide safety for refugees.

R-221 Orcinus-class
Cruiser (433m)

The R-221 Orcinus is a home away from home for the SARF and the heart of their field operations.

Equipped with state-of-the-art Neucom-Ouroboros hybrid electronics, it can easily manage over the four Geophelia starfighter squadrons it carries. The vessel, like all SARF starships, is very fast and has great shielding technology but little in the way of hull plating. Its armament consists of ten double medium turbolasers, four foreward facing medium turbolasers and two foreward facing heavy turbolasers. The vessel can carry little under four-hundred troops along with cargo. Room can be made to accommodate for additional passengers, however.

Note: All SARF starships come equipped with hyperwave inertial momentum sustainers.

Naval Assets
The Special Armed Response Force maintains a small fleet of starships which will respond immidiately to any sign of threat.

1x - Orcinus-class Cruiser

1x - Delphinus-class Frigate

3x - Triakis-class Superlight Corvette
"Triakis", "Ursus" and "Vulpes"

24x (2 squadrons) - Halcyon-class Shuttle

96x (8 squadrons) - Geophelia-class Starfighter

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