With Modern Warfail 2, Insanity Ward has completely back stabbed and abandoned the PC community.

It has removed the ability to join or host dedicated servers and has been replaced by a new system called IWNet which uses a so called, state of the art, Peer to Peer technology, also known as P2P.

That’s right P2P. Most people will remember P2P from Kazaa, the filesharing program which was popular around the year 2002. However, P2P is, apparently according to Infinity Ward, not only SuperB for sharing music and videos, no it’s also a technology which guarantees lag free multi player gaming with no 0 ping advantage for the host. Sadly, the downsides of this great and modern technology are that you can’t host your own server anymore to hangout with friends, play custom maps on and kick/ban cheaters. Instead the game will be hosted on some one’s pc with 10 open Internet Explorer windows, Windows Live Messenger running in the background and is downloading torrents via it’s high speed residential DSL line. But don’t worry, it won’t affect your online multiplayer experience at all, P2P will be able to handle your game without any lag _at_all !

And if you’re worried about cheaters, don’t fear Valve’s Anti Cheat (VAC) system is here ! As we all know PunkBuster is crap so they removed it.
VAC will detect and ban ALL cheaters for you. Of course banning will not be instantly because, like it already does perfectly at CounterStrike, ‘cheaters aren’t instantly kicked from the server. Their account is just flagged for a ban at a later date.’

Oh and if you’re looking to play a good 12VS12 clan match, shame on you because every gamer knows that ‘games cap out at 9VS9′, duh !!

So say goodbye to the long and difficult process of searching a dedicated server using the ingame server browser which exactly would find the right server for your needs, based on your filter settings; IWNet does it all for you !
Just make sure to open the right ports on your network router, so that your NAT type will get the status open, which assures that other people can connect to you and vica versa. Altough this may sound hard, it actually is very easy, even a beginner can login to it’s router using your web browser and default gateway ip, login and forward the TCP/UDP ports to the correct internal IP. And if that’s even to hard for you, you should be ashamed, just setup an DMZ to your computer’s IP. Oh and in contrary to what most network experts and engineers will tell you, this is not like ‘placing large arrows and banner ads pointing to your network asking for attention and trouble from hackers. No no, it actually is very safe !

And if you were one of the many gamers which always had been confused by those fluctuating numbers defined as ping, than don’t worry either ! Infinity Ward has replaced it with a for dummies fool proof system; signal reception bars, just like on your cell phone ! So no more guessing if the lag you are having is caused by your internet connection, graphics card/cpu or by the server its self; Just look at the reception bars and you know that nothing is wrong and that the game is meant to be played this way.
Lets end this paragraph with a quote from Mackey McCandlish at IW which says ‘I’ve been playing mainly with around 100ms ping and it was great’. I mean can it get any better than this !? :D

Not only does IWnet take the benefits of dedicated servers, it also removes the ability to use console commands, mod tools and record cheaters. Why ? Simple because it was not balanced for it..or something like that. But do not worry ! To make it up, you’ll now get (the ability to buy) Downloadable Content, DLC, for just $10 per map !

Talking about balanced, I’m sorry to tell you but it wasn’t balanced for lean either so no lean.

Anyway, don’t let these words get you down. I suggest you just get this $60 Xbox 360 port for PC designed game, because it has custom stuff like mouse control, text chat in game, and graphics settings.. I mean WOW, what else could you wish for ! Oh and don’t bother searching for a demo/beta, just buy the game. ‘Just trust us, this game is going to be awesome !’

Thanks, but no thanks Infinity Ward.
May the lag be with you,
Long time no see... this site is updated now 08/03/2010

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Activision : Black Ops can better MW2

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Infinity Ward sucks they made all good characters die like Soap!! :(

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Feel's good that MW3 almost fail'ed on metacritic.
almost all the user's gave the game negative comment's about how the game was like a DLC and almost nothing noticeably changed.

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Please IW just please do what went good for mw1 that includes mod support (I thought the star wars mod and zombie mods for mw1 was better than the actual game.) mw2 wasn't really a bad game it just didn't get the online part very well and since mulitplayer is the only thing that works for cod well yea they screwed up the entire game by doing so

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Go in my Steam group same themed Steamcommunity.com

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I completely support you guys! MW2 community is the worst/gayest/shittest community i have ever seen for my entire ******* life.

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^.- not alot of members but i like MW2 except for the whole online system you can't even play your fav maps always when i have my favorate map i lag and than get disconnected -_-' how retarded Valve ftw :D

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In all Valve games: There are custom mods, weapons, skins, and crosshairs
In MW2: "What's a mod?"

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yea I bought it 2 weeks after launch. Yea I cant really see why they removed stuff that worked in CoD 4. Like player run dedicated servers. If you were playing on one of them they could at least ban the hackers/cheaters. Now you just have to sit there and take it, or leave the session. And the lobby fails since u cant type text in the lobby while its waiting to launch, only voicechat. 30 sec wait everytime u play a map. And just like in COD4, YOU CANT FRICKING TURN THE MUSIC DOWN!!11
thats what bothered me about cod4, you cant turn the music down separately, but on a SNES game from 1992, you can :|

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lol cod mw2 is a no brainer, like if you play as a sniper on a snow map you are in dark green camo, alot of the guns are over powerd, people hack it on the pc ps3 and xbox, it lags more than cod4. it really is a pile of crap.

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lol wut

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