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We have been working hard to get multiplayer functionality into the game, and I am happy to say we are almost there!

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We have been working hard to get multiplayer functionality into the game, and I am happy to say we are almost there!

What is the Multiplayer going to be like?Well, right now, it’s going to be exactly like the single player, but with more people. Currently we do not have support for teams or game modes. Given the open nature of the game, as planned, it is likely we will not have features like this in the ‘core’ game at all.MAV is a game about independence and choice. You can choose to work alone, or you can choose to work as a group. We don’t want to force these restrictions on you at all though.

The gameplay will work the same in single and multiplayer. You will start as just yourself. You can claim land area and use your money and resources to build on your claimed land. When you encounter other players (real or NPC) you can choose how you want to interact with them. You can attack them, steal their claimed land, destroy them and their structures for resources, or maybe be peaceful and trade. Maybe you find yourselves facing a common enemy and you form a union. Now your lands and resources combine and you will operate as a team. You are free to leave the union at anytime.We want to try and strike a balance between being independent and in charge of your choices, while also allowing you to create something larger then yourself and co-operate in a team setting.

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