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Gentrieve 2, the procedurally generated & customizable "Metroid Prime" game is getting even better! Boss health meters, crashes fixes & more made it into this update.

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Hey all,

Gentrieve 2 is now out of beta! However, some work is still planned to help with balancing, especially late in the game.

The much-requested boss health meters are in! I've also fixed some reported lockups & crashes, so the game should be more stable than ever.

Here are the complete list of changes in v1.2:

  1. Added a boss health meter
  2. Made boss rooms a bit bigger to help with dodging & cover
  3. Fixed a lockup when trying to switch secondary abilities without any secondary abilities
  4. Bosses will no longer be made invulnerable to the starting weapon
  5. Fixed a rare “AddDecoration” crash when entering a room
  6. Fixed the grappling hook cheat in the “Dash” requirement room
  7. Increased the contrast between missile and super missile doors

Sorry but this game lacks something that makes up a good portion of what made Metroid Prime so outstanding - Graphics.
Not only the ammount of detail, but also the art style.
You could get away with it, if there was a good and interresting art style that makes up for the lack of details.
e.g. look at Grapling Hook, same engine, but much better with art style.

Why don't you try to recreate something like the tileset look of old 2D games but in 3D?

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Phr00t Author

Metroid Prime was made by a huge studio with tons of money -- there was no way I could compete against their amount of detail. Gentrieve 2 was never meant to compete with Metroid Prime. Metroid Prime was only an inspiration for gameplay mechanics.

I do think Gentrieve 2 looks very good, especially with the dynamic lighting effects and unique room configurations. However, I notice you are only focusing on art style and brushing aside all the other unique and great things Gentrieve 2 does like random world generation, world customization & tight combat with varied weaponry.

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I think it looks hideous but that's not what I play the game for.

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I'll rather PM you. This text will be a little longer.

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