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News about the LoK franchise and any fan games during the last 2 months.

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- A few updates from Blood Omnicide, all really nice, including updated water shader and new texture screenshots. Check them on ModDB here.
- An interesting article about whether the LoK series might come back to Square Enix's eyes here. There are also many topics on sites like Gamespot which ask for a new game / reboot / remake of LoK.
- Also, be sure to play LoK: Revival here, a little fan game in the style of Castlevania made by Vincent, really enjoyable, it was released a while ago but few know about it.
- Ascare seems to be back as he renewed the website for Fall of Nosgoth which was previously taken down. We can only hope he'll get the game back on the track. The beta version might be still obtainable somewhere on the internet, probably the Eidos forums.
- Something I recently discovered, fully-ripped good quality Soul Reaver soundtracks available here.
- You can check out Viperic Vampire's LoK games website for more details about the current projects for Legacy of Kain here.
- No more news from LoK: Prodigal Sons, as they are still looking for a new webhost to start a new website for the fan game since they had serious problems with webs and a few spammers which attacked the site.

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