It's time to post up some maps. There are already few to come, and along the way, i'm thinking of making map packs for our maps like nzp. A map pack suggestion may be a zombies maps map pack. Give some suggestions, and don't let this group die! (It probably can't die since generating lamecraft maps is never at a limit):)

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The decision that a zombie map pack for multicraft maps will soon be released. Also, a welcome to a very important and new member to our group.

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A while ago, I decided to make Der Riese. It was quite easy for me, but I didn't think of making Shi No Numa because it is too hard. Previous of my Der Riese post, I had already posted Nacht der untoten. At the moment, I figured I would make a zombie map pack. I announced that it would soon be coming, but the idea soon became dead. Then, a new member had posted a better Nacht der untoten map than mine. I asked him to join my group, and sure enough, he did. His username is RedPanzershrek. He is an amazing person for contributing to our group. His ideas are flowing in, and his promises of maps that are soon to come are guaranteed. It is final. Our group will really release a zombie map pack. We will be using RedPanzershrek's Nacht Der Untoten map because his is better. I recently made Verruckt, so the map pack may be up next weekend. Make sure to contribute to this group. Please. Support RedPanzerskrek .Give him ideas and support. We sure are going to need it. Thank you!


I decided to make my own Nacht Der Untoten, Shi No Numa, and Verruckt maps, then remake Cousinmuscles Der Riese. Note: It will take me some time.

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