I Love: (Official Games)
Uncharted, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls, GTA, Resident Evil, Bioshock, and any game that makes the world a little better! Especially shooters and action games!
I also Love: (Indies)
Nazi Zombies Portable, Left 4 Quake, Multicraft, Conscript, No Bugs Allowed, and many others.

If you need ideas contact me, teenagers know what your games need to be awsome!!!Or just better...if its already awsome!!!!

I am currently needing money for a new laptop since my parents computer is kind of slow and im trying to make a game.(Its a first-person RPG.)
It will be one of the best games of all time, if interested please contact me. It will run on the Creation engine.
Im also working on other small projects. For more info contact me.
Please support! PLEASE!

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Make a DS emulator that works for the PSP. I broke my DS and now I cant play those wonderful games anymore. I sold the DS for pieces, as it couldn't be fixed, and also sold the games. I got 75 dollars in total, but am saving the money to Pre-Order Black Ops II and buy Doom 3 for PS3. I really need someone who can make an emulator to play DS games on PSP. I know how the controls would work. The a,b,y,x would be x, triangle, square, and o. The touch screen could be replaced by the analog stick on the psp, and it works like the arrow thing in the web browser. The triggers also are L and R and they both have Select and Pause. No need for the home menu of the DS, just the games. I know ther is some DS emulators for PSP but they work poorly and crash often. Please make a new emulator of our own or fix a DS emulator. And its not just 4 me. There is millions who would like that emulator. Besides, think of how many games you could now play for the PSP. Metroid, Black Ops, Modern Warfare, Super Mario, World at War, Mario Kart, Sonic, and alot more. For those who had wanted to be awsomely cool or play DS games on the PSP, this is your best chance. The requirements is:

The games work properly, they dont lagg, work fast and smooth, and the controls are responsive and neat. All games work, all of them. They save properly and dont crash. Do it for us, those who appreciate your job.

For you Nazi Zombies fans and those making homebrew for the PSP, this must be great. So you may want to contribute by helping make the homebrew or find somebody who can. If we work together , we may accomplish something great.

Thank you all. Thanks!

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Multicraft maps

Multicraft maps

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It's time to post up some maps. There are already few to come, and along the way, i'm thinking of making map packs for our maps like nzp. A map pack suggestion...



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RedPanzershrek Creator

Games that I put my hopes on and I believe will release with amazingly perfect quality:
Nazi Zombies:Portable, No Bugs Allowed, Quake Space, Wolfestien Arcade, Conscript, Call of Quake, Left 4 Quake, Quartal, Polaris, and Multicraft(Lamecraft)

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