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Jun 18 2009 Anchor

I'm currently working on an Oblivion mod, it's a FFVII mod taking the timeline from Zacks Death up to the time of the original FFVII.

Basically it should be pretty interesting having a free world of FVII, if we do it right then I say it will be a pretty epic mod.

I'm writing music for it along with storyboarding and concepting.

Check it out here:

We're contanstly looking for new members seeing as it will be such a large scale mod so if anyone feels like they would like to help then go ahead! :D

Jul 17 2009 Anchor

Working on 2 indie games atm, Battle For Dune and SCUD Storm (though we don't really bother updating SCUD here)

Jul 18 2009 Anchor

Nice one, I've been mad to get into indie rather then just mods. Got any links to your games?

Aug 4 2009 Anchor

Recently i got on to a psp indie home brew game.
I'm working as a mapper and a modeller there. And needless to say im pretty proud to have been accepted on to the Flaming Ice team.
Best of look Revere26 and cnc95fan with your mods and indies. :)

Aug 5 2009 Anchor

Cheers man, the mod I'm working on is coming along quite well and I recently started on an indie game.
Good luck on your psp indie game man, I'm huge into psp and homebrew so it'll be one I'll be watching ;)

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