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Aug 6 2009 Anchor

Modding of another sort.

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience in this area.
I'm going to do some modding to my Antec Nine Hundred to get rid of the tangeled mess of wires that plauge it at the moment.
Hopefully with some luck and getting my hands on a dremel the inside will look similar to this.
User Posted Image
The holes been for the wires, hiding them on the back side of the metal sheet like this.
User Posted Image

Main diffrences been i might not need the round hole in the lower right (Top pic) as my two 9800gtx+ power connections are on the top of the cards and my psu is modular so the cables would be dedicated to the gpus. Also my psu wil have to be upside down which is no issue where the fan is concered but does anyone know if there is a ready made bracket to fit an upside down psu screw holes? (Technically it will the the correct way up but Antec cases have the psu on the bottom of the case and need to be flipped in case they have a bottom fan)

The case stock

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