This groups is dedicated to fallen heroes and comrades fighting against the Reds, we are Ultra-Nationalist, Prussian Socialist (Socialism of Duty) & Third Position including social credit. We believe in principles of character before intellect, leadership/personality, territory, biological integrity, natural collectives (recognition of personal truth), common good, greater goals, meritocracy/self-improvement, hierarchy (rank or status, leadership, authority & responsibility), justice, functional classes, primacy of the spirit over materialism, primacy of the political element over economic and social elements, mutually beneficial alliance between the church and state, combining the greatest men from the warrior and priestly class to produce a new culture-bearing stratum, initiation and rites of passage, ancestor cults and hero worship - which can be narrowed down to adhering to traditionalist principles and dynamism to restore the Organic State by re-creating and embodying a Solar Tradition.

Recommended books: Historicism and Fascism in Modern Italy, by David D. Roberts, Fascism: The Total Society: Codex Fascismo' & FASCISM and The Doctrine of NATIONAL SOCIALISM, by H.R. Morgan, Origins and Doctrine of Fascism, by Giovanni Gentile
The Color of Fascism, by Gerald Horne, The Coming Corporate State 1935, Fascist Economic Policy - An Analysis of Italy's Economic Experiment, by William G. Welk
read related - Bakunin & Shuon.
best fiction - Covington's Quartet
more reading material - Archive 1 - Antimony, Archive 2 - Ropeculture articles, Archive 3 - German Speeches, Archive 4 - Racial,
Archive 5 - Propertarianism Library - The Great Books of the Aristocracy, Archive 6 - Library of the Dark Enlightenment, Archive 7 - Sydney Trads Recommended Reading List, Archive 8 - Survival books, Archive 9 - Reactionary collection, Archive 10 - Julius Evola

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*****, this is a gaming website, not a site for say your ****** message :)

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Is this some kind of joke, really? If so, not funny.
What's next, neo-monarchists?

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MalfistheMerciless Creator

There already is a group for monarchism. Truth is eternal, it merely goes out of style. The need for militant nationalist right-wing is always present if people refuse to accept tradition and nationhood, true socialism (Prussian ethical kind) is the best way to get people there as well as getting them to actually DO something about it rather than perpetually talking or merely going to the false paradigm (marxism vs liberalism). Monarchism lost its way because the people in power stopped believing in traditional ideals and it lost its dynamism. Fascism was the modern attempt (new tactics, aesthetics & political/economic system or doctrines that take into account cultural/historical circumstances) dealing with the depravity and decay of the modern world. It was truly as its usually called - the third position & potential solution for our predicament under international finance or international bolshevism... but of course the leftists couldn't allow that to happen. Nobody can call themselves fascist though if they simply "give up", threat of death or censorship is no excuse to stop being who we are.

The Tradition had died in Monarchism due to it becoming a stagnant, completely conservative system that did not allow the changes that Traditionalism demands, being a dynamic force. Initially Monarchism was dynamic - being able to respond to changing circumstances (temporal-historical or due to race-cultural & historical which determines both particular and universal elements) and fix whatever problems arise by commanding and guiding the society from top to bottom by both authority (simple commands), culture (since the priestly class guides the culture traditionally) and by virtues (by nature of who we are), but it was also a embodiment of Traditional Ideals; hierarchy, justice, functional classes where our wealth and property ownership is connected to our nature/purpose, primacy of the political element over the social and economic elements - & the virtues.

Fascism not only carried that dynamism that had existed prior as well as restoring the natural collective, common good, great goals & true meritocracy principles in their doctrine but by ultimately showing absolute total loyalty to that aforementioned world-view of Tradition which is commonly called in neo-spenglarian works as Culture Man or Men Outside of Time. Of course Monarchism not only had the issue of refusing to address new ideologies, points prominent figures where making or coming with new innovative solutions to issues of the time period but the Monarchists also did not accept what they should have accepted; new social changes and scientific advancements. This is ultimately what the problem is, people stopped believing in Traditional ideals which lead to a break down of clear distinctions between classes and they didn't adapt or change where it mattered because they cared more about being self-congratulatory, self-entitled, pompous, arrogant, lazy and ignorant of what the lower classes where talking/thinking and so they ultimately lost 2 of their greatest strengths. Now the problem is different, we got dynamic advanced technology but we lack the will/ability to be dynamic as we where many centuries ago. I think this is probably the best rough/quick analysis you'll get on the matter.

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I remember someone wrote this on a debate group. ''But if the family is thought of in naturalistic terms, or in the terms in which it presents itself today, the generating principle of the properly political communities must be traced to a context that is very different from the one typical of the family: it must be traced to the plane of the so-called Mannerbunde.

Among several primitive societies, the individual, up to a certain age, being regarded as a merely natural being, was entrusted to the family and to maternal tutelage, since everything related to the maternal, physical aspect of existence fell under the maternal-feminine aegis. However, at a certain point what happened, or better, what could happen, was a change of nature and status. Special rites, known as "rites of passage," which were often preceded by a period of detachment and isolation, and which were accompanied by harsh trials, generated a new being according to a scheme of "death and rebirth" who alone could be regarded as a "man." In fact, prior to this initiation, the member of the group, no matter what his age, was believed to belong to the same category that in-cluded women, children, and animals. Once the transformation occurred, the individual was incorporated into the Mannerbund. It was this Mannerbund, in which the qualification of "man" had simultaneously an initiatory (i.e., sacred) and a warrior meaning, that wielded the power in the social group or clan. This Mannerbund was characterized by special tasks and responsibilities; it was different from all other societies to which other members of the tribe belonged.

In this primordial scheme we find the fundamental "categories" differentiating the political order from the "social" order. First among these is a special chrism—namely, that proper to "man" in the higher sense of the word (vir was the term employed in Roman times) and not merely of a generic ****: this condition is marked by a spiritual breakthrough and by detachment from the naturalistic and vegetative plane. Its integration is power, the principle of command belonging to the Mannerbund... without an initiatory or sacred background, there no longer is a State or a political class in the specific, traditional sense'' ~Julius Evola, Men Among Ruins.

Fascists take the Mannerbund instrumentally in that the men in question in a society get to together and threaten upheaval and persecution of subversive groups in order to get them to stop doing doing what they are doing e.g if they are believed to be attacking the culture, the national interests, health and wellbeing of the dominant ethnic group, economic or political system. If these groups don't stop then the Mannerbund takes action and removes the enemies in question. The Mannerbund then take their role as the protectors of that society and establish a political system to support their role. Clearly for the fascists the Mannerbund is more political goal-oriented, while the former in its origin is spiritual or traditional that marks mans ascendance to higher political order - understanding and action through unique duties & responsibilities upon that awareness of their spiritual & masculine nature.

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