This group is for the fans of silent hill games to stay up to date with all things Silent Hill.

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Silent Hill 1 Monsters
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Puppet Nurse

Nightmare Hospital, Nowhere.
A nurse in uniform with a giant hump in its back, from which its name is derived, that has been parasitized. All nurses carry small knives similar to Harry's.
Nurses are very strong enemies and are very dangerous, inflicting moderate to heavy damage with their knife attacks. Once a Nurse spots Harry, it will quickly run up to him and try to swipe him with its knife. To avoid this, obviously, fight the Nurses with a weapon before it can get to you. With firearms, the Handgun can work but it takes too many shots to knock the Nurses down, resulting in them sometimes being able to attack you. The Shotgun works great, with only 1-3 shots necessary to kill. From the melee weapons, the Hammer is fantastic -- performing the double swing attack not only keeps a Nurse from getting to you from the front, it knocks them down rather quickly. In a replay game, the Rock Drill works great as well -- just hold it up and let the Nurses walk into the drill, causing them to kill themselves, really.
Suggested Weapon(s):
The best firearm to use against Nurses is the Shotgun. With its widespread and strong blast, the Shotgun is very powerful and works against multiple Nurses. The Rifle works well with one shot, but it really isn't necessary to use it. The Hammer works amazingly with its double swing attack, and if you have the Gas Can in a replay game with the Rock Drill powered up, just hold it up and stand still, letting Nurses walk into the drill.

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