Future versions of the 'eXoMOD' application will encrypt the mod-packs to combat piracy and allow creators to SELL their content if they want.


What is eXoMOD group?

It's a community for 'eXo' mod-pack publishers and players.

What is a 'mod-pack'?

A mod-pack is a 'partial mod' sort of speak. A mod-pack will replace the original game content BUT it will not replace the content of other mod-packs. This means that if two or more mod-packs replace the same things in the original game (sprites, sounds, music, ... etc), the game will use ALL of them with no problem.

Where can I get them?

Mod-packs are NOT part of the original 'eXo' game thus they are only available by their creators.

  1. Download and install 'eXo'.
  2. Go in the forum and you will find a list of mod-pack categories.
  3. Pick a mod-pack thread and click on the link you will find there.
  4. Download and save the mod-pack manifest file.
  5. Double click the downloaded file and the game will register the mod-pack.
  6. When you have registered all the mod-packs you want, start the game to download them.

How can I make a mod-pack?

If you have your own website, it's very easy ...

  1. Download and install 'eXo'.
  2. Run the 'eXoMOD' application.
  3. Setup the basic information about where to save your mod-pack.
  4. Create some AWESOME content and click 'Publish' to upload your mod-pack.
  5. Come back in the forum, post the link and make us proud!
  6. Note that if you plan on selling your mod-packs, you should wait until the editor supports encryption. Hopefully it should not take too long as this is a priority feature.

Forum Rules & Guidelines

1. Do not SPAM!

2. Keep it CIVILIZED!

3. Do not post on WRONG categories!

4. Post about your Mod-Pack AFTER you publish it!

5. Keep all updates about a specific Mod-Pack in ONE thread!

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