Empires effectively combines the genres of real-time strategy and first person shooter. Each team has four classes to choose from (scout, rifleman, grenadier, and engineer). Each class has unique weapons and skills. One player becomes the commander by entering the team's command vehicle, thereby jumping into a more traditional "command view" of Real-time Strategy games like C&C;or Starcraft, where they can place buildings and research technologies. Once your base is built up, you can purchase vehicles from your team's vehicle factory to open up another facet of Empires' gameplay. Vehicles can be customized with unique weapons, armor, and engines. The commander can research improvements to all aspects of vehicles such as longer range cannons, homing missiles, and armor-piercing machine gun rounds.

Once your team is prepared, launch a massive assault into enemy territory where your skill and strategy will be put to the test. The enemy team is defeated when all players are wiped out with either no place to respawn or no reinforcements remaining. Additionally, the game can be won by destroying the enemy's command vehicle. There are multiple gamestyles including classic commander maps and mission-oriented conquest maps.

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Empires Mod 2.0 Interview

Empires Mod 2.0 Interview

Empires 10 comments

Halflife.nu has conducted an interview with the leader of Empires. There are three exclusive shots of aircraft which are coming after Empires 2.0's release...

Empires 2.0

Empires 2.0


Empires 2.0 will be released November 30th! There is new media featured for the release, as well as information about the new changes. Empires 2.0 will...


For information on the mod and its community see: Theempiresleague.wordpress.com

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my favourite source mod! been playing it for 4 years now this year. Have a small clan in it too :P

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