The purpose of this group is to schedule DayZ gameplay events, which will make it much easier to get ahead in DayZ. Eventually, through teamwork and determination, We will be able to set up a base of operations, complete with vehicles, supplies, and many defenses. After our small group becomes larger, and we have access to a helicopter, we will be able to pick people up when they respawn, as well as tour the island in small groups. This is all just a game, so it is important to have fun. ;)

Post news Report RSS Sony develops DayZ - like multiplayer game

They have in fact announced the game H1Z1, which like both Dayz and Rust becomes a MMO game in a broken world.

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[Sony develops dayz-like multiplayer game]

- (H1Z1 is announced) -

dayz as a modification to ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead was released for the first time, it turned out that the massive online multiplayer game of survival focus fell very good to the taste of players. Later studio Facepunch play along with the game Rust, and now it seems that Sony will also throw in the wave.

They have in fact announced the game H1Z1
which like both Dayz and Rust becomes a MMO game in a broken world

There is
a virus that has given the game its name which has taken toll on much of humanity, and the fight against both other people and infected about survival is obviously very important. It will be a big focus on letting players create their own objects in the game, and a trade based accounting system is aimed to provide some respite from all the shooting.

It is the engine Forgelight to run the game, a nygenerasjonsmotor that according to Sony's John Smedley has opened up many exciting opportunities. The man also talked about that they will use a system Roadmap system from Planetside 2 to let players follow the development of the game.

The game will be launched during the year, but what platforms it's going on we do not know completely. Since it is Sony we are talking about launching likely to PS4, but what we've seen so far suggests only that the game will be released for PC.

~ Look some of the game here ~

Sakura Matou

I think the Zombie thing is getting out of hand., but aparently it keeps selling so I am the Minority.

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Heard about it few days ago, best thing is that it's going to be free to play, unlike other zombie games. Now i can finally roleplay in a zombie apocalypse free of charge :)

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Not sure if that's good news though. Normally "free to play" comes accompanied by microtransactions and/or pay-2-win mechanisms :S

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Simillarly to the pay-2-win issue is the fact that several free to play games are simply poorly developed/maintained which is a shame. Most are pretty limited when compared to games bought and some try to force you to spend money even when the pay-2-win is not so noticeable.

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If it's not as lame as SWToR when it comes to micro transactions, i'm good with it. In most free games micro transactions are for cosmetics and stuff like that.

Of course there are some idiotic pay 2 win games, but i don't think SOE is gonna fall that low...

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Looks a bit like State of Decay. Sick of this zombie crap though, The Division (and Star Citizen of course) are the sort of MMOs we should be seeing more of from triple A companies, not this habitual zombie copy-pasta.

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Sakura Matou

I sadly have to agree.

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