The purpose of this group is to schedule DayZ gameplay events, which will make it much easier to get ahead in DayZ. Eventually, through teamwork and determination, We will be able to set up a base of operations, complete with vehicles, supplies, and many defenses. After our small group becomes larger, and we have access to a helicopter, we will be able to pick people up when they respawn, as well as tour the island in small groups. This is all just a game, so it is important to have fun. ;)

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Our first In-game event will be Saturday, August 4th. :D The reason for this is that in order for everyone to have an enjoyable experience, They will need to be picked up in a car. I am currently fixing up a car, I just need one more tire and some fuel and engine parts. I'm not sure if it will be fixed up by tonight, but you are all still welcome to jump online tonight or throughout the week. I will also be opening the group to new members after tonight.

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There really aren't any plans for today, but if anyone wants to play, either tonight or during the week, send me a message on steam or Mod-Database. The group is small now, but once we open the group, there will be a flood of new players. Let's just hope most of them are trustworthy in-game... D:

MattmanDude Creator

What time will this event be PST?

I'll be at work for about the first half of Saturday.

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romnus Author

I think it will be an all day event. People have such different schedules, it would be unfair to name off a specific time. I will be on all day saturday, picking people up in my car. :) After I get the server up and running, I will post a new article with more specifics. :)Just wanted everyone to know it is on saturday. :D

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romnus Author

Actually, after some thinking, I have decided that the event will be at 8pm eastern. You will see an article on that tomarrow. :)

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