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Apr 26 2011 Anchor

I thought it would be nice to have a thread where people can introduce themselves and give their background and skills. I will start with myself:

Name: Danielle
In RL: Graphics Design Student

Background: I have been using the CryEngine 2 for the past 18 months in the Blue Mars virtual world. Blue Mars is a Crytek Licensee. I have two game levels online there: Sandbox City and Tharsis Estates, and have built a lot of assets (clothing, furniture, buildings, etc) in use there. I also have written some of the tutorials on the Mars wiki. I'm interested in learning the CryEngine 3, and hoping Blue Mars will upgrade to it. I'm also interested in working with other people on projects.

Skills: 3ds Max 2010, Photoshop CS4, Level setup, Material Editor, 3d Model Making

Gallery: [to be added later since I have a new account and can't post links yet, or you can ask me privately]

Apr 26 2011 Anchor

Good idea:
@Daniele you could update your profile with some images for us to view pls.
Also is Blue Mars dropping pc support ? I heard some rumors.

Name: Dennis
In RL: Office job.

I have been Modding / designing since 1999.
Started as Project Leader for SAS Into the Lion's Den (1999-2002) for the Unreal Engine. 2001 Gamepsy Mod of the week: Archive.gamespy.com
- 2002 Invited for Unreal Mod Summit at Epic Games HQ and invited to work for Konami.
- 2003-2005 Designed and hosted Neverwinter Nights Custom world.
- 2008 Won Intel Crysis Mapping Contest in category Creativity (Multiplayer). Link (Crymod is down atm)
- 2009- till 2010 worked on a simulator idea.. which sadly didn't continue due to investor dropping out.
- 2011 I hope to work with CE3 on a machinima project and a single player mod.

skills: Sandbox2, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and learning 3d modelling.

Gallery: Moddb.com

Apr 26 2011 Anchor

name: Anthony
in RL: school boy

back ground:
i right small stories, i like to work with the unreal engine. im working on my first but not last indie game called mass wars.
i love to work on more than one thing. i love mmos, fps, third person shooters and so on. the game i want the most is infamous 2.
i like to play with new engines such as this, i cant wait to get my hands on this.
skills: drawing weapons, writing stories, side stories.
gallery: (i dont know how to put links

Apr 26 2011 Anchor

Name: Stjepan
Occupation: Student (Mathematics)

After creating a couple of small games using Game Maker I joined a team (where I soon became technical and project leader) that set out to create an inofficial sequel for the Action-Adventure Outcast. We started with modding Gothic, moved to Crystalspace, then to Crysis Wars and hopefully we'll go standalone again thanks to CE3 SDK!
- 2007 gave a talk on the project at the Crystalspace Developers Conference
- 2010 worked on a serious game (platform: iPad) to teach kids reading in an university project (during 2 weeks in an all-inclusive mountain hotel :D)

Skills: C/C++, Java, Lua, PHP programming, Linux and server administration, Sandbox 2 basics...

Current projects: open Outcast

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Apr 26 2011 Anchor

Duruk wrote: Good idea:
@Daniele you could update your profile with some images for us to view pls.
Also is Blue Mars dropping pc support ? I heard some rumors.

Avatar Reality, the company that owns Blue Mars, had a limited amount of investor financing to develop the PC-based virtual world. They were running low on funds, so in January they laid off all the non-essential staff (which included the CEO), and just kept 8 programmers. The PC version was put on hold, but it's still there, you can visit it online, and I can update my levels. It's just the features are not complete and are not going to be for a while. What they have done since January is get an iOS (iPhone/iPad) app working and out there, so that they have *something* done to show future investors. It's pretty minimal, avatar dress up and chat, but it uses the same avatars and clothing models as the PC version. Don't ask me how they did that. I am pretty impressed they got *anything* derived from the CryEngine platform to work on an iPhone. I'm also pretty happy as a clothing designer that my clothes are selling on the app.

They *want* to finish the PC version, they just don't have the money to do it right now. In it's current unfinished state it is not attractive to players. It's an OK sandbox if you like to build stuff - they use a modified version of the Sandbox 2 editor. But for average players who don't build things, there just isn't much to do yet. The business model was to rent game levels to people like me, who would build something interesting and attract players, and they would also get a percentage on item sales. Myself and other early developers started to do that in parallel with them working on the software, but we got stopped before it was done. Without a source of income, I don't know how long Avatar Reality and Blue Mars can last. I estimate clothing sales on the iOS is around 50-100 items a day, and they make like 25% of a one dollar sales price per item, so like $12-25 a day total income. That isn't going to pay the salaries of 8 programmers.

They dropped the hosting fees to rent game levels because the software isn't being worked on, so my two levels are free for the moment, but that means they are basically making nothing on the PC version. I know that cannot last forever.

The photo is a lighthouse I made for a spooky roleplay area, with clouds and moonlight for effect. I've stopped work on that area since I don't know where Blue Mars is going.

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Apr 27 2011 Anchor

@Stjepan. Your work is just stunning
@Ghost59 you can just copy and paste a link. If you need help just let me know I can edit your posts to correct the links
You can upload your photos on sites like : Photobucket.com , Fotothing.com or you can add them on your moddb profile.

@Danielle Thanks for the update. I did try to import my White House model into Blue Mars. The textures came out a bit wierd but other then that I found no problems.
I didn't finish it for Blue Mars because of the rumors. Well I hope they do succeed but as you say its not looking good.
I tried the "game" but found out there was nothing todo. I enjoy mmo's even sometimes grinding, but just chatting alone isn't my thing.

I noticed that Planet Entropia Entropiauniverse.com started using Cryengine2 for their "planets." If they would use they would allow users to create content / worlds then it would be something I would look into.

Btw nice moody Light house. Is that a alpha texture for the grading/fence ? It could use a normal/bump map for some extra depth. (use for example Crazybump.com to create bump/normal maps)

Apr 29 2011 Anchor

Duruk wrote: Btw nice moody Light house. Is that a alpha texture for the grading/fence ? It could use a normal/bump map for some extra depth. (use for example )

The railings and window frames are geometry, not alpha textures. The lighthouse wasn't finished, I just used plain colors to tell the different submaterials apart (metal, concrete, paint, etc).

May 4 2011 Anchor

Name: Brandon
In RL: Financial Aid Officer

Started modding with cod2, then stalker, then migrated over to crysis in late 07. Was a moderator for over a year on crymod.com (handle: Osok).
Was a level designer on the pre-sdk team Polishing Weevils (Obsidian Edge) but the founders had rl issues and had to shut it down. sad because we really started to make some nice progress towards the end. I'm currently in talks with an investor for a startup indie studio. Planning on using ce3 for a few different genres.

Myself and my small team are very excited to get our hands on the new tech and the ability to go commercial with a project. Crytek may have done a terrible job with crysis 2 but their technology is fantastic.

May 4 2011 Anchor

@Osok I remember you from 28months later. Welcome here.

Yeah it was sad to see Obsidian Edge dissapear it was the mod to beat.

May 6 2011 Anchor

Name: Markus Björklin
Age: 18
In RL: Student
Background: Started modding for ce2 and went on to working on the engine for a long time, Also planning to use Ce3 to make some good mods

Skills : modeling props,weapons and mapper/ level designer

Jun 16 2011 Anchor

Name: TheDreadLord (AKA BlemishTheCat, yes the first and original one)
Age: see my profile
Background: I used to go by the name as above (especially within the gaming communities, but I have recently metomophisised out of my cocoon and become the (not a butterfly) TheDreadLord
I have been writing code for games since my very first creation of a game called BOBO (very simple elevator game of blob vs. Ghost
I am currently using UDK to see what they have on offer to develop my game ideas and am really wanting to use my skills within an engine that makes use of the latest dirextX technologies
I am a student of the internet and have never found any class environment that has anything new to offer my skill set
I look forward to being an intergral part of the future release of this Engine and this community
Game on!!!

Jun 17 2011 Anchor

Hi DreadLord (sounds frightning ;) )

Welcome to CryENGINE 3 Developers group. Im interested to see what you will code with CE3.

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Oct 3 2011 Anchor

This is just to say hello.
I'm more a fanboy, sorry to be that blunt.
I am only just learning how to do models. So I joined Crytek Group and will eventually show piece some models; and any developer that needs it, well, call me.
My strengths really is programming, but I do this on a professional level and am an expert in procrastination when it comes to writing stuff for games. :redface:

Oct 3 2011 Anchor

Welcome Taamalus.
A programmer and a 3d modeler now thats a neat combination.

Aug 11 2013 Anchor

Name: Ryan
Age: 18
Final year high school
Been using CE3 for my final year multi media project over the last 5 months or so. This is a brief intro / ask for help. Some of you guys have heaps of experience and just wondering if anyone can help me out? Basically i have setup audio inside of the SDK (music and voice overs) as well as some particle effects... but unfortunately when i export to engine and try to play my level using the launcher, there are no particle effects and there is no audio???
Does anyone know how i can fix this problem, i would really appreciate any help i can get - Thanks Heaps!

Aug 12 2013 Anchor

Welcome RyanJB.

Did you save the audio in .mp2 files and at which location did you save the audio files ?
I haven't worked with SDK yet (using CrysisModSDK ), but I guess its about the same.

Sadly Crydev.net is down for the moment (it has been hacked) so i can't show you the tutorial that I used for exporting to the engine.

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