"We are keepers of the wisdom of the Jedi. We maintain the Great Library, we oversee the teachings of the younglings, and we seek out the ancient histories and Holocrons that will bring us greater knowledge of the light side of the Force. But we are more than just caretakers. We are also guardians." ―Master Obba

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8 of the 9 Great Temples of the Je'daii Order
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These temples came, along with the Je'daii, to Tython on board these great ships called the Tho Yor Starwars.wikia.com
The 9 temples along with their basic role were as follows:
(The * will tell you which picture is of which temple)
Akar Kesh, Temple of Balance (*)
Anil Kesh, Temple of Science
Mahara Kesh, Temple of Healing
Kaleth, Temple of Knowledge
Bodhi, Temple of the Arts
Vur Tepe, The Forge
Qigong Kesh, Temple of Force Skills (I could not get a picture of this on wookiepedia)
Stav Kesh, Temple of Martial Arts
Padawan Kesh, Je'daii Academy

During the time of the cold war between the Jedi and the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. The Jedi only visit 2 of these places, the Forge and Kaleth, unfortunately both are in ruins. Each temple had a temple master.

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