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This is for people new to the group but see it as merely their own playground devoid of purpose.

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As a man following the path there is a expectation to continually better yourself and not be consumed by pettiness and ego. As a member you also consent to rules & are thus honor bound (public honor between a brotherhood). Don't engage in the following:

1. Arrogance - lack of virtue, consistency, effort, use of ad hominems, accusations, threats, indifference/disdain to members, posting simply to get a negative reaction etc people who simply are not interested in being a part of a movement, not contributing or associating with any right-wing group. Anyone who hasn't should read the group description, Traditionalist readings, and some of the suggested readings for the New Right & Alt-Right.

1.1. Concern trolling - Reddit.com

1.2. Shitposting - Contentless posts or posting images that have little relevance to topics discussed just for the sake of a funny image. Its best to have images contribute with information to the various stances, arguments, theories, concepts, archetypes, virtues, ideals and world-views of the right-wing (names of which are listed in the group description). Anon posts are allowed but are expected to follow the rules, however anything remotely like spam will be removed.

1.3. Role-playing - Referring to things in the third-person that has no relevance to the real-world or entirely based on fiction, tv series, movies, games, hollywood, LARPing etc. This includes hobbyists & entryists who are not serious about challenging mainstream views but would rather simply engage in abstractions, purple prose, be a 'special snow-flake' & post conspiracy theories which are more suited to the government corruption group.

1.4. Autism - Cannot understand symbolism or social interaction usually characterized by a extreme form of egotism, unable and unwilling to engage or understand the ideas presented by the right-wing. If this person does accept the meaning behind the ideas & values presented they will revert back to their usual behavior as soon as someone else refers back to the literal meaning of words. Mental disorder of this kind is a re-occurring problem and such individuals don't belong in a political movement, religious sect or similar group of any kind.

1.5. Subversion - 'Cultural Marxism through the Backdoor' (SJWism), The Disease Known as Leftism (AnCom, Ansyn, LibSoc, SocSyn & SJWs), The EndGame (Legal Invasion), Putin speaking on white Christian Culture (preservation), gaslighting, zionism, promoting sexual perversions or liberalism under different labels. Sophist language & lack of constructive debate is frowned upon since it reflects badly on you and will only consign you to the lowest social standing amongst your fellow brothers.

1.6. Punching Right - Be it due to opinion on tactics, news, history & rhetoric is counter-productive, only questions of fact on material matters permit criticism. Clashing morals or world-views due to interpretation or dogma is merely disagreement & not justifiable reason for breaking any of the above rules. A level of responsibility is required to not be baited by users looking for a emotional outlet as opposed to a discussion. If you allow yourself to submit to your lower nature, don't complain as provocation won't be a defense.

A Guide To The Traditional Mindset

Part 1: How do we become a Higher Man?

Rise above yourself. Know your Shadow-self and the center of your being, then once you center yourself on that primary trait that defines you & have learnt to exercise your will to stay true to that center you will start to differentiate yourself from the mass and whats expected of you by the system; effectively mirroring the attitude of Snake Plisskin. Staying true to yourself and learning what it means to be disciplined in everyday activities is part of the process of self-actualization. Your Shadow-self influences your ego, can repress your good side, promotes maladaptive behavior, is a peripheral part of your personality and thus inferior to your center.

Once you achieve this state of 'character before intellect' and restrain endless rationalizing to instead serve your ultimate goals or virtues - that which is derived from character, you can actively choose to Ascend higher by taking on Responsibility, Duty and Sacrifice for your community, nation & people (14 words & 88 precepts and Prussian ethical socialism by Oswald Spengler - also read the 'Marxism' chapter of Yockey's Imperium & Sparta and Its Laws by Eduardo Velasco). That is the next stage after uncovering that personal truth that gave you protection against the degeneracy of the people around you and the distractions, agitprop, falsehoods and injustice of the system. As well as from naysayers or subversive elements in the society. Only then will you start on the path and have the capability of achieving Greatness - the highest experience and achievement of all of Aryan virtue.

Life is becoming. Spirit is being. The former requires continual striving and does not end until your purpose has been achieved. A individuals social function depends on his nature and qualifications which is the result of his nature put into action. When his nature is realized to its fullest potential - that is necessity. When man no longer holds a idea and tradition as sacred then he must turn towards himself and use that as a anchor against the waves. Overcome yourself, let the struggle be the forge whose fire brings forth a noble spirit and become who you are meant to be.

Call me Snake.

Part 2: Why Respect Tradition?

This is about overcoming materialism in order to accept superior ideals which are passed on by your Ancestors in the form of traditions, myths, rituals & reflect aspects of your nature or the truth of our Being or Personal Truth. This includes individual, family, ethnicity, race, gender and humanity truth (from specificity to generality), as well helps you to understand the world around you - both the physical and the metaphysical (natural and divine order - together they are the cosmic order). Your personal truth is your standards, how great you can become and how low you can fall, once we account for all the elements that make up you we are left with not specifics but with your potential, your Destiny as Francis P. Yockey puts it in Imperium. That potential is either guided by a culture-bearing stratum or you can pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, hence there is a bottom up and top down approach to upholding Tradition.

The society in question is usually founded on a origin myth. The arguments for becoming a Man of Tradition can be synthesized down to the following:

1. You must honor your ancestors & carrying on their traditions because being part of a group makes you stronger as opposed to being merely a individual since a group splits tasks between various members & a group can more effectively fight off potential threats that seek the land or resources your group is living on. Whether you identify with the founders of a nation or not you will still be treated as part of that ethnic or racial group by other invading races because you still look like a white man thus likely do not believe in their way of life and you will not understand or express their ideas in the same way. This means whether you accept it or not your heritage is a part of you and you are a part of it.

2. The culture or wisdom that your ancestors provided has inherent value (nothing will ever be exactly like it again) no other group will carry it on for you because they have their own culture/tradition. Foreigners are not baggage handlers & their loyalties are to traditions that reflect their own history, land and nature.

3. Tradition presents a ethnic & racial ideal. A mental picture of what is the best possible individual of that group. These ideals provide role models, inspiration and motivation to carry on fighting for something greater than yourself. It strengths you as you attempt to fulfill that superior vision in every avenue of life & to give you focus in complicated day-to-day situations. Ideals steer your destiny, while your personal truth determines your rightful position in society.

4. To repay a debt that you owe to your ancestors. Your forefathers worked toiling fields, taming a harsh land, weather, tasting poisonous foods, combating dangerous animals, producing great inventions, cultivating a culture and a land that is arable and liveable so that their future generations can enjoy the things they did not have. In order to repay that debt you have to give back by working hard to perpetuate and improve upon your culture, create new inventions or discover ideas that are of value, give back as much as you possibly can to ensure that future generations will enjoy it and do the same. Make sacrifices for family, so that your family can live better in the future, make sacrifices as a family for your community, then as a community make sacrifices for the greater community, who will form the nation.

5. In order to carry out multi-generational goals or tasks. Simply working on a project for material gain will mean making projections or predictions in the short-term or near-future if you can see how it benefits you within your life-time. Multi-generational goals however do not require such temporal material calculations because the you are obligated to carry on what you ancestors started because it will honor them and the goal/project has much cultural, spiritual or sentimental worth for your future generations. This is the recognition of a eternal bond between you and your descendants, the beginning of the concept of living for eternity.

A group and its tradition is upheld through Ritual, Procreation and Survival (RPS) loyalty matrix which are components of identity. Carrying out rituals to distinguish in-group from out-group which reinforces identity and ideas specific to that group, procreating by marrying others from that in-group increases the size of the group and preventing your own group members from dying or leaving the group in order to further its survival and therefore its identity. Either due to a weak adherence to the RPS elements, as a result of competing aggressive in-groups, lack of connection to nature, cataclysmic events or weakening of the culture-bearing stratum as Oswald Spengler termed it, groups may splinter and traditions may be lost.

Western man is a conqueror. Not in the sense of laying waste and subjugating everything in our path but in the sense of conquering adversity and transcending paradigms. He is not content with being content. Extended periods of comfort make him feel uneasy. The aforementioned inherent nobility, the Heroic archetype cannot be held in check. And it requires the fires of adversity, for it ceases to be heroic without them. It welcomes it. It needs it. The traditions and rituals of the Hyperborean (Avalon) are centered around this theme (masculine, solar tradition), our ancient forebearers.

This means that what is required is a Worldview that emphasizes a re-evaluation of values (according to Francis Parker Yockey from his second and last work, ''The Enemy of Europe''):

Materialist values must be transvalued to primacy of the Spirit

Will-to-riches values must be transvalued to Will-to-power

Wealth as social distinction values must be transvalued to Rank as social distinction

Society as a collection of individuals worldview must be transvalued to Society as organism

‘Pursuit of happiness’ values must be transvalued to Fulfilment of duty

Race-suicide, birth control values must be transvalued to Absolute will to biological fertility

Equality values must be transvalued to Hierarchy (this includes Functional Classes, the rights and responsibilities of the warrior and priestly classes is called the Law of Manu)

Plutocratic values must be transvalued to Aristocracy

Feminist values must be transvalued to Sexual polarity

Freedom and libertarian values must be transvalued to Order

Cult of bourgeois virtues must be transvalued to Cultivation of soldierly virtues (e.g Roman or Spartan, Christendom is a carry over of Sparta, the Spartans had gotten their institutions from Cretans - which is where Plato got his teachings from)

Eroticism as vice, the cult of immorality must be transvalued to Eroticism as legitimate source of joy and fertility

Pacifism, preparation of the coloured populations for ‘self-government’ must be transvalued to Affirmation of war and conquest of the lands of the coloured

Man as a machine worldview must be transvalued to Western man in the service of a great mission

‘L’art pour l’art’ values (art for arts sake) must be transvalued to Art practiced in conformity with the cultural task

Financial-military-economic expansion must be transvalued to Politico-military expansion.

No More Brother Wars.

No Apologies, No Regrets, No Doubt, No Compromise, We're Not Sorry.

Our Heroes Live On. Death Before Dishonor.

Never slacken, Never tire and Never surrender.


Q. Aren't differences or problems with integration mainly cultural, why mention race?

The problems associated with this kind of modernity that we face is mostly because the authorities and people in general are fine with promoting egotism or moral relativism (including cultural) which is making people incredibly weak willed and uncaring. Paralyzed from acting in their own interests. I can see that racial-mixing can be a problem too since communities would not just be distrustful and opposing one another but also trying to fuse together in some respects, destroying any basis for their own culture since they end up being split between the culture associated with one ethnicity & another ethnicity. Because its easier to try to uphold one culture (since cultures cover the same topics) at once people end up taking the path of least resistance & choose one of those cultures. The second reason is because one culture is just objectively better than another because it has better values or more merit than the other or just because subjectively the mixed-ethnic person likes one over the other which then becomes the dominant culture. Thus when 1 million people mix up their ethnicity you end up weakening/dividing your own culture & people as a result.

Say 50/50 people end up going to one or the other culture, this is even more rampant with different races. This means that one culture ends up gaining dominance while the other ethnic culture is no longer practiced. Eventually one wins effectively killing a culture - since that's what happens when little to no people are left who practice that culture. That's problematic on such a large scale. This is especially problematic because a culture/tradition reflects the nature of the ethnicity/race in question. Thus trying to get another natural category of people to voluntarily switch is unworkable & conflict prone. Forcing people to a accept a culture may get temporary peace but that is also troublesome.

Of course I recognize that there's biological issues associated with miscegenation & loads of ethnic/racial conflict that is a part of a greater analysis e.g., the Diversity+Proximity=Conflict Heartiste formulation.

Are blacks racist for fighting for black interests, goals and policies? Are you racist for wanting a good housing project for blacks in America? Its no different to white europeans or americans wanting their own societies - and civilisations to be standing & supplanted or overtaken by a foreign one - which is what happens when non-european people enter into it or if its mass migration. So when a large group of Somalian people enter Japan, and turn the Japanese into a minority, that country will not be Japan anymore - anything unique about it will be gone and it will become very similar to Somalia.

Q. Can't we all get along if we adopt "black, yellow or brown people" and bring them into your homes and raise them as your own?

How exactly does would that work? How does a Islamic, African and Asian baby suddenly become European, American, Australian etc they will still have a ethnic identity, culture or religion that urges them to be against white European society. If I go over to China and raise my child there I won't suddenly become Chinese - I will still be treated as a foreigner with a alien culture that is not compatible with their own, I'll never be considered Chinese or Japanese or African... why do Americans pretend as if third world countries if they just move their people and raise their children here in the US that this will make them just like us, have just the same values as us when their cultures/religions always come with them? Those beliefs are a result of their spirit or biology. If you ignore race/ethnicity i.e. history of race relations, ethnic war, social cohesion, racial crime statistics, social biology & genetics these statements make no sense - this is why everyone must read March of the Titans. The tendency is to go from being pro-white to being this vague pro-western/first world environmental determinism, cultural relativism and being a racial denialist, which inevitably leads to your own stock getting supplanted and overtaken by the foreign one turning the US into Latin America or Britain into the Middle-east.

The 2 questions that truly matter to divide the men from the boys on this issue is; do you want your race to be bred out of existence? Do you want white people to become minorities in their own countries? If your answer is 'yes' to either one then you'll have proven to lack capability of protecting the truth of your race. If the question was modified to whether you want some foreign race to be bred out of existence or made into minorities in their own country and you answered 'no' instead, that would make you bigoted against whites and thus a hypocrite - same goes if you replace a person with some specific harmless animal etc. Anyone who doesn't conform to the truth can thus be seen as either a race traitor or as a anti-human. Anybody who claims nationalism is new obviously hasn't read anything from antiquity like Plato's 'Republic'. If you want any group of people turned into a brown unidentifiable mass then you'll likely get ire from anyone remotely on the side of truth, honor, kinship, tradition or even respect and decency for life, biodiversity and clearly more concerned with material things than anything of higher existence - thats when we get at the real substance of who is on 'our' side and who is merely a pretender or hobbyist that plays at opposing leftism and/or modernity which I would simply call different levels of falsehood. Nobody truly wants to be lorded over by foreigners or invaders and thus lose economic, political and cultural control of their own country as soon as the other natural groups (ethnic, racial or national) take it over by sheer numbers. I've outlined an easy way to make that clear in general conversation.

Q. Aren't we all from Africa?

That Out of Africa myth is that just, a myth. We aren't descended from one people or place like the leftists suggest it. I always bought into the "where all brothers from another mother" thing but it turns out thats completely false: Redice.tv
New evidence shows non-africans do not originate from Africa. Some of the latest genetic research: Scirp.org.

A Critical datapoint has emerged that disproves the "Out of Africa" concept; not one non-African participant out of more than 400 individuals in the Project tested positive to any of thirteen "African" sub-clades.

Re-examing the "out of Africa" Theory and the origin of Europeaoids (Caucasoids) in Light of DNA Genealogy. Seven thousand five hundred fifty-six (7556) haplotypes of 46 subclades in 17 major haplogroups were considered, and the finding that the Europoid haplogroups did not descend from "African" haplogroups, as well as non-African haplogrous do not carry either SNPs M91, P97, M31, P82, M23, M113, P262, M32, M59, P289, P291, P102, M13, M171, M118 (haplogroup A and its subclades SNPs) or M60, M181, P90 (haplogroup B).

Q. What about Egyptians, they had a civilization located in Africa?

The Haplogroup that is shared by most Western Europeans and King Tut, is found below 1 percent in modern day Egyptians. "R1b is the most common Y-chromosome haplogroup in Europe reaching its highest concentrations in Ireland, Scotland, western England and the European Atlantic seaboard". The Indo-European antecedents of Ancient Egypt were overrun by Semitic people, and Nubians (many of which imported as slave labor), and the Muslim peoples. DNA tests reveal this that the ruling class of Egypt where Western European during the creation of the great pyramids and Memphis: Eutimes.net
Dorians (the closest ancestors to the Spartans) seem to belong to R1b paternal lineage, that dominates Western Europe today. Characteristics are tall and blond, muscular, they practiced a hunter-warrior tradition (anti-comfort, survivalist & expansionist), socialism of duty (virtue, common good & public service over selfishness or material gain), solar symbols, patriarchy, ethno-state and racial hierarchy/separation.


If I understand correctly, this article is a (simply put) "group rules" listing, right?
If that's the case, I'd say it's too much like actual laws (a lengthy, grind-like read) and thus likely to perform poorly at conveying the rules in comparison to a to-the-point bulleted list.

Worth noting, the reason I personally find this difficult to read is because *any* post reeking of politics is hard for me to read, regardless of what political views it aligns with. Others' experience may (most likely will) vary.

What do I use as guidelines, then? Objective, logic-bound cold reasoning.
If an action has no objectively accurate justification, it's objectively incorrect. Nice and simple.
Where do emotions fall into this process? They don't. Except for remarkably unusual, real time emergent situations where nothing short of survival instinct reacts on time, emotions are erratic and way too short-lived to be reliable.

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TheUnbeholden Author

Virtues and ideals are guidelines bound by our natural groups, religion and tradition can help us come to terms with that depending on temporal circumstances. Emotions happen to us, they are not a activity. We aren't passive observers though we can learn to use them as motivation for goal-oriented behaviour. The Conduct Rules are here because its necessary since people may not have a proper education or reasoning, and so that in case someone breaks rules I actually have justification for it w/o having to repeat myself.

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Yes the very same virtues an traditions that the West is throwing out on a window so sad but at least the Central and Eastern european nations are not doing the same and this s good to know.

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TheUnbeholden Author

The principles, virtues and ideals with which we live have to be honored in all areas of life. They are a part of us, as we are a part of it.

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TheUnbeholden Author

There are also traditional concepts and archetypes which I will get into later.

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