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Today I bring you a Questverse development chart(yummy!), and an update to the work in progress game trailer; shall we start talking?

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Hello Space Adventurers, this is a minor news article for the Questverse project featuring the game chart and changes to the game work in progress trailer.

Questverse Development Chart

I prepared a chart which shows what key features remain to be done for a finished base game(which will be the game demo, and also the first quest to sell by the way), basically an upgraded version of the previous dev_steps previous art.

Questverse Trailer WIP - Indie DB

I improved the character creation overall graphics and code; just leaving one key feature remaining, which I'm working upon right now; the possibility of playing an animation related to the skill/detail/power chosen. Other small details to be done is moving hair and breasts when a body movement is suddenly stopped.

After I'm done with the character creation I will jump straight aboard to the Dialogue System and environment interaction system(as I had been saying), as they will probably be easier to do than freezing the game time or slowing its speed at certain combat parts(and at inventory screen); I do already have a notion about how to do that thought. Another interesting thing is which often, doing a key feature, one already makes progress on other key features, so it may not take as long as you think.

Only 38 days left for the Questverse IndieGoGo Campaign, so I figured out I should remove the indiegogo link at the end of the trailer, leaving only the game site link. One of the first things to be saw entering the game site are the donation button and 'contribute now' words, I guess it will give the same results than leaving the indiegogo link at the trailer end if one wish to donate, as the game site way redirects you to indiegogo anyway(if the user wants only).

I have also been researching and doing some SEO(Search engine optimization) for my non directly game contents, such as the game tumblr, youtube channel, twitter and google+. I hope they now get related to Questverse, instead of Lunarts Studio or Lunarts as they had been doing at google.

This time thanks goes to blenderartists C.A.ligari, to venn from LinuxGameCast, XN4k3D, Curly Brace from(, madjr from ubuntuforums, Maxim from Linux Gaming News , Linuxaria admin, riccardo capecchi(thanks for the feature!), Richard Glenn(Thanks for the previous DIY gamer article!), b5cully and booman(for past detailed comments), GamingonLinux Staff and Vincenzo Tilotta from Youtube channel. If you wasn't mentioned now, it may happen in the future; or just know I have a long memory and remember you.

That is all Space Adventurers.

EDIT 21/10/12> How often do you want to receive game project updates?

EDIT 14/11/12>
The game is not ready yet, thought the main menu, character creation, space map and prologue scenes can already be checked at playtime(with bugs and/or missing content thought), would you like to 'play' it already to check personally on its progress?

At Alpha stage the game still has features, planning and content to be done(But already has something done); at Beta stage the game is complete, but with some bugs(nasty or not), and at the demo stage, the game is complete and without major bugs(although the demo just shows a part of it).

You can also vote on previous votation polls by going to the previous news articles.


Great to see you on the front page, this project needs more recognition.

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Tsukiyoarts Author

I mentioned you at the past news article end, had you seen it?

The game being featured by the fourth time(or is it fifth?) on indiedb top 100 is just a reflection of the passion and effort put on the game project, and the game project itself is a reflection of my will to share my dreams with people, give them another world on which they can be someone else, do what they want and have fun; my will to treat people the best I can, like they were an extension of my individual consciousness.

Questverse achievements also relate to my own victories upon myself.

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Hi friend! Nice Update. Thx for mentioned me!
Success on your project, is what I want.

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Tsukiyoarts Author

Thanks XN4K3D = )

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