A group for those without religion, as well as those who oppose it. Atheism and Agnosticism and Anti-theism.

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A short version of what has happened with the group in the last week.

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So this is just a short and quick update on what has happened with the group last week or so.

Basically, one of the moderators went rogue, tried to initiate a coup d'etat in the group, before that he started acting weird, posting complete crap, kicking members, other moderators and anyone who didn't agree with him. We have dealt with him and are back in control.

As our group leader is inactive, i have kindly asked the ModDB support to transfer the leadership to me so we can edit the groups profile, set it to public again and fix other things the rogue moderator has done, after that i agreed to transfer the leadership to The_Archduke_of_Hell as i have no time due to real life nor do i want the responsibility to lead the group. He was the one who alerted me about all this and we should all be thankful to him because without him, the rogue moderator could have done even more damage.

I have invited back all the moderators that were kicked(if i missed someone, please message me so i can edit your status) but as i can't possibly remember all of the people that have been kicked from the group i can't really help you. The group is public again so feel free to join :)

All the best, Sanguinius.


Whoah, didn't even notice that something's gone wrong. Nice to see that it's all fine and fixed now anyway. ^^

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My goodness... I didn't even know about this...

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Now that I am back as a moderator I'd be pleased to continue my service, and I will be sticking around to ensure things do not go tits up again, if anyone has any issues please feel free to shoot me a message.

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Lol, I hope there wont be any "shooting" done around here, kind sir! I am a peace-loving guy, & the only shooting I ever do is directed at digital/pixelated demons/monsters. Still, thank you very much for taking up the mantle. Best of luck to you!
P.S.: your username is... unsettling... Yeah...

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ComradeWinston Creator

Emperor only knows how such vile heresy persists. Sigmar, guide us.

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