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I finished the story, gonna upload it in a month or two, so keep watching ;)

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Trial of Death and Life.

You play as Justines boyfriend, James.
Discover what horrors has she set up for you.
You will discover that Justine(with the help of Alexander) menages to travell in time, and she will suprise you with a little new technology.
You will discover Justines future, as well as yours future.

Dont mind with the picture of Philip from Penumbra, the picture looks awesome(that is why Ive put it)
Now Im making better atmosphere, polishing the story, maybe adding a few more monsters and scares...
It has many puzzles, A lot of monsters, maybe a little jumpscares, but I in the story I want that you can avoid monsters and hide from them, seed them from distance, not that they jump in front of you...
I dont like jumpscares, but what is a story without a few jumpscares.
Hope that you will like it. :)

Made 10 maps, they are fully made and scripted, but the story is NOT FINISHED JET.
Im perfecting scripts for those 10 maps.
Its only 30% of the story...

Featuring: "Penumbra" walls and entities, some scares, puzzles, chases, and that kind of stuff.
Justine expansion needed, of course.


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