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My map "Felix's Nightmare". This will be my first Custum story for "Amnesia The Dark Descent"

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Heey here Neo.

Guys I'm busy with a custom story. But it won't be free. I'm allready 1-2 months busy. And it will take like 6-7 months. So I decided to don't let it be free. aauuww :(. Yea srry first mod where you need to pay for. But I need that money for improvemend for my next Custom Story. Okay It won't be expensive.
€1,- up to €5,- but I think I will let it be around the 1 or 2 euro. Scripting is alot. Every map around the 300-500 scripting lines. Normal maps are around 200 yea except the real game scripts :P. those are around 1000-1500 XD. But I make it it wort 1-2 euro I promise ^^.
Will soon open my site. So you can see previeuws and more! :D. The site is a montly payment of €10,- for me so I hope the Custom story will be bought XD. Otherwise I am doing myself moneypains :P. You can read somewhere on my account when my site will went open ^^


You can't sell a mod unless you have the license to engine and all the assets you are using.
There are tons of mods out there with 2000 or more lines of code; and they're completely free.

Also your writing style makes me think that you are just trolling around.

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Look at "White Night"! Tanshay spent nearly a year fully working on this project and he gives it away for free.
You don't create mods to sell them, you do it because you like to create new stuff.

Also, i don't think anyone will buy it, because there are houndreds of free storys to download and your writing style doesn't seem serious.

Don't give up making custom storys, just don't expect earning money doing it.

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Agreed. There is nothing more to say...

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NeoCrawler Author

lowl. That I actually ever posted this XD. Wtf was wrong with me. The map sucked like balls if I compare it with the one I'm on now. How do I delete features?

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