The 501st Legion, also known as the 501st Battalion during the Clone Wars and later known as "Vader's Fist" and the Five Hundred and First, was an elite unit of clone troopers commissioned by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the Clone Wars that later became a stormtrooper unit. Made up of units like Torrent Company, the 501st fought in many battles, such as the Battle of Teth and the Battle of Coruscant, becoming one of the most well-known legions. In 19 BBY, the 501st became Darth Vader's personal unit as he led them during Operation: Knightfall, in which the clones helped take down the Jedi, whom they believed to be traitors to the Republic.

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Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Empress Jennifer Rose
Jan 2 2013 Anchor

Like the thread says, welcome to the 501st Mission Log. :)

This board is for use of any members in the group, you all may post fan-based stories, tales and fandom from the Star Wars universe and it's very own Galaxy, as well as any SW-related discussions. Remember to post them in proper etiquette, don't post spams and/or promoting other materials without due permission from the group leaders (The Empress, Ori`verda, CrazyOldTeenager or Packy).

If you have any questions, requests or doubts, feel free to post replies here!

- Empress

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Peace * Order * Justice 
The 501st Legion - Vader's Fist

Jan 2 2013 Anchor

"Reporting for duty!"
I thought this is where we would receive our missions. Nice job on the new forums.

Jan 2 2013 Anchor

Hmm I like the forum, Super Battle Droid reporting in and ready to kill well anything just point me in the direction.

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