The 501st Legion, also known as the 501st Battalion during the Clone Wars and later known as "Vader's Fist" and the Five Hundred and First, was an elite unit of clone troopers commissioned by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the Clone Wars that later became a stormtrooper unit. Made up of units like Torrent Company, the 501st fought in many battles, such as the Battle of Teth and the Battle of Coruscant, becoming one of the most well-known legions. In 19 BBY, the 501st became Darth Vader's personal unit as he led them during Operation: Knightfall, in which the clones helped take down the Jedi, whom they believed to be traitors to the Republic.

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Lord-Vader Lord Vader
Jan 3 2013 Anchor

Hello Stormtroopers and personnel of the 501st, my name is Ana... I mean Vader, your Sith Lord. How are you all? How's your day? Some people forgot what they're doing apparently.

Well, today was a horrible day. I was killing some Wookies, then I saw a figure of what it seems to be a Mandalorian warrior taking over one of my Star Destroyers from the fleet. He looks vaguely similar to the famed Mandalorian warrior named Ori`verda.

Also i kidnapped a child named it Wout and killed his father.Then later I threw him into a Star and then i killed him.Then i brought him back to life and Called him Starkiller.


Keep The Peace

Peace * Order * Justice

Ori`verda Crazy Mandalorian Tech Support Boss
Jan 3 2013 Anchor

Oh no! Some Mandalorian, who happened to be on Kashyyyk at the time I was collecting a bounty there, stole your Star Destroyer?

I wonder who it was..........

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"We Mandalorians have a saying. A warrior who doesn't hope for battle has no hope during battle." 
- Ori'verda

Peace * Order * Justice

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