In memory of the Army Men series featuring plastic soldiers fighting Tyranny, this group is to simply remember the days on the playstation, fighting the Tan enemies. sadly 3DO went out of business, leaving us to continue its series, help when you can so we can create more great mods and games in the name of Army Men

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Mar 20 2014 Anchor

Hi guys :) I was trying to come up with a fun project to learn the cryengine and I thought a remake of Army Men 3D would be fun since it's not a supercomplicated game. Just wandering what you guys think ^_^

It's still a really really early project but thought I would show it here with this being an army men group :3

Apr 10 2014 Anchor

Try posting this on Army Men III's page, because it gets more traffic.
It looks cool!
How about a weapons/vehicle demo? You can put it on the bootcamp map too!

By the way, did you know that there are lots of weird things in the multiplayer levels?

Also, take the roof off of the bridge. It's in the desert, so I don't think they will get rain anytime soon :)

Apr 12 2014 Anchor

oh that bridge is just one I pulled from the cryengine assets for the time, I haven't been working on it much, I ran into a lot of problems with the newer cryengine and I"m trying to decide If I wanna roll back to an older version or maybe transfer over to unreal and kinda try to maybe work with the army men III guys. What do you think :)

also I did not know about that secret that is interesting!

I may actually keep this in cryengine and start my other project in unreal. I'm trying to work on my portfolio :)

I have trouble sticking with projects sometimes, there's just so many cool things you can do with these engines.

It will be awhile before I have a vehicle demo because I am not the best 3d modeler.

I think I"m going to roll back to cryengine 3.4 because after they changed the mannequin system and everything I just got lost.

sorry for the long rambling post :)

Apr 12 2014 Anchor

Hey, I'm just glad people are showing interest in the Army Men series again. For a while, I thought I was the only one who cared!

Apr 12 2014 Anchor

I love this series, Currently I kinda have three big projects,

1. Work on remaking Army Men 3D in Cryenigne or UE4 still undecided
2. Remake Halo 2 Multiplayer in UE4 (mostly just maps for an environment portfolio, but I mean if I manage to rebuild maps might as well get gameplay haha)
3. Finish my huge tf2 texture pack :P

I'm trying to pick games with good environments for me to recreate or draw from for inspiration while I build my portfolio.
I may do more of a Sarge's Heroes remake because the environments are a bit more exciting and fun to recreate Army Men 3D had some pretty basic stuff, but it's still a WIP so we'll see :)

Apr 14 2014 Anchor

Go for it!
Good luck!

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