Yon Paradox ​is a first-person action-puzzle videogame based on a time machine which, at regular intervals rewinds the time, without changing the player location.

At every time jump a new yourself will be born​, and he’ll replicate all the actions you previously did. The player objective is to solve mini-puzzles in order to collect “YonGears”, required to fix the faulty virtual dimension, which is causing the recurrent time rewinds.

In doing so, the player needs to avoid being detected from his alter egos​to not cause mortal space time paradoxes, creating a sort of “multiplayer against yourself”. As the game progresses, multiple alter-egos will be present at the same time, gradually increasing the difficulty.


The player is able to freely move in the 3D space, and he can also grab or activate objects.

The player has to reach the final room​where he can stop the faulty time-machine, that is causing the dimension to time-rewind every 3 minutes.

In doing so, he has to collect enough​YonGears ​to unlock the doors which grant access to various sections of the virtual dimension, to reach the final room.

Every 3 minutes​(or 2 ad medium difficulty, and 1 at hard), a time-rewind occurs​. When this happens, the player location is preserved, but the time goes back to the beginning. A new clone of the player is generated​, which will repeat all of his actions, as he did previously.

The player will have to avoid to be seen from his clones​at all cost, or he will cause a mortal time-space paradox, causing the game over.

To obtain YonGears, the player has to solve little puzzles. Every puzzle solved will give a YonGear as reward.


A game against yourself

​You’ll have to remember your past actions, or plan your current actions, in order to reach the end. You are the player and the enemy at the same time.

Time machine

​A time machine that rewinds the time, but doesn’t change your location.

Different levels of difficulty

​Other than setting the initial level, difficulty will gradually increase over time: the more the times goes on, the more clones of yourself will be around.

Multiple puzzles to challenge your mind

​20 puzzles to solve with different variety, from mazes to classics.

Highly re-playable

​Improve your performance completing the game in less time. You can adopt infinite tactics against yourself!

4 Different areas

Every area is defined by a color: yellow, red, green, blue. Every color features a particular kind of puzzles, completely different from the other ones!

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Yon Paradox
Yon Paradox
Yon Paradox
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