Xenoraid is a vertically scrolling shoot’em up focusing on exciting action and deliberate shooting. Bullet hell aspects are balanced to be exciting but not overwhelming.

Set in the year 2032, Xenoraid depicts the first ever space war. Earth is under attack by a small alien raiding fleet, and starfighters are improvised by arming existing spacecrafts with machineguns, autocannons, missiles and experimental weapons.

Missions are driven procedurally from set parameters, keeping the action fresh. Enemies always appear from surprising directions and in various formations, removing mission memorization from gameplay.

In Xenoraid up to four fighters take part in each mission and you can switch between them at will. All shot up and about to explode? Bring in a fresh fighter! A heavy enemy giving you trouble? Switch to the fighter with a 100mm cannon to blast it to bits!

The best way to destroy attacking alien fighters is to fire short and controlled bursts. Constantly blasting away will overheat guns and lock them down for emergency cooling. Lining up a shot and squeezing the trigger is way more satisfying than nonstop spraying and praying.

In Xenoraid player fighters turn lightly when moving left and right, allowing shooting in angles. Shooting in angles emphasizes aiming even more as an exciting core mechanic.

Xenoraid features a campaign mode with several multi-mission battles, bosses, weapon and tech upgrades, and storyline.

The campaign mode and Survival game mode are playable as local co-op with full gamepad support.

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Vertically scrolling shoot'em up Xenoraid will launch in Steam on September 30th!

Xenoraid is a brand new vertically scrolling shooter by 10tons, developers of shooter games such as Crimsonland and Neon Chrome. Xenoraid is not a "genre pure" bullet hell game, instead it's targeted for general action and shooter game fans (who might have enjoyed games such as Tyrian and Rapter: Call of the Shadows back in the day)

Xenoraid will launch in Steam on September 30th, 2016. The Xbox One and Playstation 4 release dates will be announced later. Additional platforms, such as PS Vita, will also be likely announced at a later date.

Key features

Xenoraid focuses first and foremost in dynamic combat and shooting. The missions are driven procedurally to get rid of any chance of having level memorization play a key part in playing the game. Enemies are brought to the screen dynamically and act under AI, making the second to second combat fully dynamic.

Shooting mechanics include weapon heat, fighter tilting and fighter switching. The main weapons of player fighters have infinite ammo, but heat up as they are fired. Overheating a weapon will cause it to lock down for a short duration for emergency cooling. The most effective way to play Xenoraid is to aim at enemies, fire short bursts and let the weapon cool when no shots are lined up.

Aiming is made more interesting by the fact that the player fighers tilt somewhat when moving left and right, enabling shooting in angles. Angled shots allow the player to destroy enemies at the edges of the widescreen play area faster than with weapons that point rigidly upwards on the screen.

The player fighter squadron consists of up to four fighters. The player is able to switch between fighters at will. Switching fighters has three main functions; remove badly damaged fighters from combat to prevent them from being destroyed, bring in a fighter with the best weapon against a given enemy, and to "dodge roll" enemy projectiles. The last function is enabled by allowing the player to move the fighter locator as the switch process is ongoing, thus bringing in the new fighter to a location of the player's choosing.

Metagame and storyline

Xenoraid also comes with a metagame with a light storyline. The metagame focuses mostly in reinforcing, repairing, upgrading and enhancing the player's fighter squadron with weapon and technology upgrades. The storyline depicts a near future scenario, where Earth becomes under a limited alien attack and must quickly improvise space warfare capabilities not completely unlikely how aerial warfare evolved rapidly during World War I.

Add the game to your wishlist!

Please take a look at Xenoraid in Steam, view some gameplay videos and previous over the interwebs. If the game looks like something you'd enjoy, please add it to your Steam wishlist. The way Steam works these days, day 1 purchases and positive user reviews are critically important to how a game performs commercially. And how a game performs commercially 100% determines what and how us indie developers are able to work on next :)

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