Build your world in the far reaches of space with XenoMiner, the new voxel-building hit from Gristmill Studios. Features an intense lunar survival theme, fully scriptable autonomous bots, futuristic tools and tech, a growing community and more to come!

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I found Xenominer on Xbox Live a few months ago and fell immediately in love. The sci-fi setting is quite ingenious and worrying about air and radiation (and now alien critters) as death-dealing antagonists add to the fun of building and discovery. As soon as the early adopter packages were available for PC, I signed up.

If you appreciate Voxel builders, this one is a must (and it works great with the Xbox Wireless controller under Windows 7 and 8).



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Xenominer brings new life to the block building genre, with balanced style and block types that really work in tune with the graphics. As a game that's in part time development i cant help to notice what will happen when gristmill studios finally become a full-time grind (company) and really start to put full-time effort in to this title.

I have been playing this game on off for weeks it really brings new stuff to the block type table, with the new aliens and guns (v2.0.0) and this open and endless world with radiation, oxygen and floating islands. with lots todo from exploring and upgrading your crafting bench to access a whole new array of blocks and gadgets. not forgetting the multilayer.

i would definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves minecraft or sci-fi games or the fallout titles.


Xenominer is way better than Minecraft, and I'm a hardcore Minecraft player too.

I found this game via facebook. It's an AMAZING voxel style/shooter game. I've never played anything quite like it. the staff are very helpful and friendly and are always available to answer questions on their forum and seem to be very passionate about their game as well as keeping in touch with the community. One of the better indie titles I've played in a long time.


this game though its in beta alpha testing is still 1,000 time more replayable than many other games in its genre totally worth the money you pay and the help you get from the devs makes it that much better


Incredible up and coming game... They are doing some really cool things with this one.. I can't wait for the finished product..


I'm impressed - for this early on in development about the only thing I can complain about are the lone mobs surprsing the hell out of me when I think I'm safe in my hidey hole - are they supposed to spawn indoors... Will be interesting when more are added.

One little thing - the color of the text is hard to read - you know, the text telling you when you're about to get cooked; the music queues are a nice touch, but if the text flashed red when the conditions changed, that would be both more realistic and helpful.

It can take some time to get the resources to really start crafting the better gear, but the balance is just about right.

Overall this is one of the best efforts in this genre I've seen so far, can't wait to see the finished product.


Fantastic Game. I too am a minecraft player. But the things I like about Xenominer are:

1. Its SCi FI
2. It uses very little resources compared to Minecraft
3. It is very stable
4. It loads fast
5. An it is down right FUN!
6. Love the advancement through AI Cores, Research...etc
7. Looking forward to more Content.
8. It has Peaceful Mode!!!


A brilliant example of the voxel survival / construction genre that shouldn't be missed, Xenominer charges the player with surviving the harsh conditions and hostile lifeforms of an alien moon. While doing so you'll be upgrading gear, building epic constructions and - most amazingly of all - programming a robot to build, dig and mine for you.

The biomes are thrilling to look at and exciting to explore, and the frame rate is fast and solid while doing so. I love the textures, and common basalt, granite, the striped 'layered' blocks and the ores all look amazing. This is the third major texture pack (including the original) and by far the best looking. The lighting is better than ever and really sets the mood.

One of my favourite new features is the way Venator nests have totally infected areas of the underground. Clearly influenced by the film Aliens and brilliantly executed. I like the fact I can now take eggs and nests with me, allowing me to set up my own breeding areas. Now all they need to do is leave behind some useful gloop that can be used in a manufacturing process and I'll be happy! 

The 'desert' biome with it's epic overhangs and immense up-in-the-air plateaus represent some of the greatest natural formations I've ever seen in a voxel game. The math behind the equation is something the programmer should be proud of. It constantly generates amazing structures and really gives the game that wow factor it was previously missing.

Thank you for providing new construction options with the new blocks you can make; mixing them with granite looks awesome! All in all, this has become a 9/10 game for me now. Stellar work (pun intended) and you seriously can't believe it's an indie game, with the immense terrain, tight controls, great texture work and smooth framerate.

As Gristmill forum members will know, I'm not a sycophant like some gamers. I'm prepared to criticise where needed. But for me, this is applause all the way.

Great work.

Really intriguing and innovative game! Filled with futuristic inventions that bring freshness to this genre.

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Xenominer is way better than Minecraft, and I'm a hardcore Minecraft player too.

Jul 28 2013 by Coldonne