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A first soloist project developing using Esenthel Engine, it is a 3D TPP Action-RPG set in fantasy world with rich lore, and extraordinary features, taking place in different dimension, a world of Acthelms, full of magic, mystery and crystal. As the name suggests, the game will take place on arena which are either survival or mission based.

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From last development, I have finished a few features, some interfaces, code improvement, main menu background and some plan on another features. It's been a slow week.

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Fall Damage
A fall damage is based on both velocity and distance. Falling velocity is limit to gravity to prevent character falling too fast, however if character get stunned mid-air they will fall with no limit.

On The Fly Ability Swapping

There's 2 action bar behavior, Follow and Static mode, it can be change anytime in Options - Control.

  • Follow Mode
    In follow mode, all hotkey will move along when scrolling action bar, player can swap ability to pressed hotkey.

  • Static Mode
    In static mode, scrolling action bar will not move hotkey, like Tlide (default) will always be Highlight Ability.


Raining (Dev 313)

  • Rain Weather
  • Rain is currently working, it's raining but not autonomously, and have no in-game effect but visual right now.

Although interfaces can be changed, these can allows me to track what I have done.

Character Tab icons in Multimenu (Dev 313)
Character Tab - Icon
All icon in character tab in multimenu now have an icon which show what status they are telling. Mouse-over information is currently not available.

Main Menu Background

Main Menu (Dev 313)

Main menu background is like player is in the middle of dimension portal to Achtelms. I current satisfy it, but it could use more work, but that will be done later.

To do

I have planned to finish autonomous of raining and it visual, in-game effect will not be done.
Dash, improve coding, etc..

I also planning to add some basic network to see how it work with current coding, or should I focus on something else, like animating, others gameplay, or basic survival mode for demo first?

Feel free to post your opinions.


Please include LAN capabilities so we can play offline. I've had plenty of issues with multi-player games and trying to coop with my friends offline.
Demo would be great too... unless you don't have enough content to show off

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KrysleQuinsen Author

It's offline game with LAN, thanks for point that out, so I'll fix description.

About demo, it would takes a while as there's something must be done like better AI, and selectable equipment (currently predefined).

Thank you for comment.

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