Wordsplash! is a game for all ages! It's a simple timed word game currently with two modes (more to come).

Classic mode gives the player 16 random letters to play with. The timer starts at 15 seconds, and counts down to zero. Every word played adds to the player's score, and adds precious seconds to the clock!

Discover mode also starts with 16 random letters, but the player is tasked to guess the words the game has preselected. The start time here is a little more generous. Every word played adds to the score and timer. Every valid word that fits within the clues given is also rewarded!

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Wordsplash! Update 1.0.2


Wordsplash! Update 1.0.2 Released

Wordsplash! Main Menu

Wordsplash! is a new iOS and Android game that was released on May 9, 2017 by Seismic Spark.

Wordsplash! is a simple timed word game where players receive 16 random letters to play with, and are pitted against the clock to either create or guess as many words as they can.

Classic Game Mode

The game has limitless replayability, and the two game modes are quick and suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Patch 1.0.2 brings with it some welcome changes and additions to the game. The biggest is the addition of a Practice Mode that can be enabled in the Options menu.

Practice Mode disables the timer in the Classic and Discover game modes. Players can use Practice Mode to become more familiar with how the game works prior to trying to battle the clock, or simply to play the game worry free, and just enjoy creating or guessing as many words as they can.

Other changes in patch 1.0.2 include updated graphics, different start times for the three Discover mode difficulties, slightly increased time awarded per word played in Classic mode, and several bug fixes.

Android users will be happy to hear that the game now supports the system back button!

New Tile Colours!

The full patch notes are available on the game’s official website: Wordsplash.net

The downloads for both iOS and Android can be found at Wordsplash.net or by searching each respective app store directly.

Game Over!

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