Wizards Mayhem Arena is an online multiplayer fast-paced arena game, fight against your friends and family in the arena, cast spell, grab pickups to help you and avoid bad pickups.

✅ Free to play
✅ Multiplayer Online
✅ Play with your friends and family online, anywhere in real-time
✅ Very simple and easy to play
✅ Customize your wizard
✅ Cool 3D graphics
✅ Play with the touch-screen joypad or with a bluetooth joypad

Cast spells to defeat your enemies, the last one to stand wins the round, the one that wins more rounds wins the match.

You can grab different power-ups to help you, these power-ups will increase your speed, your spell power, among many other things. But you also need to be careful with the bad pickups, those are going to slow you down, prevent you from casting spells among other things, for a short amount of time, but that's all your enemies need to defeat you.

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Just Released


The first version for my game was just release, it's an online multiplayer arena game. I will be online playing it, just look for the room JoinIn in the online mode, I will be there.

Gameplay gif

After 3 months working on this game I just released it, as stated before, Wizards Mayhem Arena is a multiplayer online game for Android (there is also a demo version for PC that you can download in Rodolforubens.itch.io or Gamejolt.com).

The game was inspired by the gameplay from Bomber-Man and the thematic was inspired by Harry Potter, the player needs to cast spells on their enemies to defeat them, around the arenas the player can also grab pickups to get faster, increase it's spell speed, cast rate, spells amount at time and many other stuff, around the arena the player will also find bad pickups that will give the player some disadvantages for a short amount of time.

The maps/arenas has different elements that modifies the gameplay. Right now, the only game mode is Arena, which is the last player standing wins the game, other game modes are coming, including co-op and story mode.

Let's play a match some time.

See you guys,

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