in Wizard Quester! you play as a Wizard (big surprise,the wizard is a wizard.) and your name is Burkle. You must murder all evil and kill the evil Fisk Lord to restore the land back to normal from the depths of evil fish magic!

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zwedizhfizh says

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Ignore the crappy sound and repetitive level design, this game is entirely and fully functional (except for the yeti creatures -__-). I liked it.


cork279 says

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This game works extremely well despite the limitations of the engine it's on.

The sprites are very good, and suitable for the game. The cartoon-ish theme of the sprites makes it pleasing to the eye. The sound effects are cool, although some quiet ambient music in the levels may have improved it. The game is fun, but a bit too easy at the start.

Overall, I liked it a lot :D
! 9/10 !


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