WGRealms DEMON THRONE is an action packed fantasy style total conversion of DukeNukem 3D using Eduke32. You don't need Duke 3D for this; just download and play for FREE!

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This would be the best Total Conversion that Duke Nukem has seen since Starship Troopers TC.

If you loved Doom, Hexen, Quake or any other games to this nature you will love this. Hell, even if you have never played the above games you would still love this.

Not only that, you don't even need to own Duke Nukem to play this, it's completely standalone!


Wow! I found no way to praise the authors via their own site so I'm doing it here. I was blown away by this game. I decided to give this a try while waiting for the Duke Nukem Forever Demo to finish. I finish the DNF demo and thought, 'Meh' and came back to this awesome game. The stuff Two.WGRealms can pack into the eDuke engine is astounding. This game is an amalgamation of all my video game nostalgia and rolls an attention-gripping freshness and challenge with a familiar collection of aspects from all the games I loved playing. If you have fond memories of the golden age of FPS'es this game doesn't fail to disappoint! It took only a moment to acclimate myself to the gameplay but once I eased into it I found a comfortable shooter with an intriguing story and fresh gameplay. Why couldn't I have found this game sooner?!


it is awesome, just play it if you have'nt


This mod captures the spirit of classic FPS and expands upon it brilliantly. It provides a better single player FPS experience than any other game I've played, and I've played a lot of them. The kicker is that this is not only free, but standalone. It makes me sad knowing that loads of people spend money on games like Duke Nukem Forever, but this is free and hardly anyone knows about it.

The gameplay is imaginative and mostly flawless, though the throwing hammer is a little clunky and sometimes gets stuck. That's the only criticism I can come up with other than weapon balance, for example the ice storm seems a little too powerful for how little it costs. Sometimes I like to make Jedrik more challenging to play by not using those easymode everything-dies spells.

If you're a fan of classic FPS (or any kind of fun) you absolutely positively must play this. It changed the way I view the FPS genre and now everything is a little disappointing in comparison.

This is by far one of the best total conversions that I've played in a while, I think I would pay money for this. I love you.

******* fantastic, although second episode was probably a bit rough.
And loving Unreal, I can see the various nods to it in this game, ie the plants, tiberium mines, second level music etc. Best mod I've played in years. And considering the download links seem a bit broken, and I had to go through a different internet connection to get this, the effort makes it all the more awesome.
But yeah, those download links are fucky.


Huge mod/TC. Long, very well designed levels, some take half an hour, intersting enemies. Just a bit hard.


DeXiaZ says

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Sick quality

This doesn't even feel like a mod, it is pretty much its own game with how long it tales to beat it and the mechanics in it.

Demon Throne is very well made in the gameplay design department. Wizards with rotary shields, Demons doing weird attacks that travel across the floor and throwing rocks at you, enemies that stomp you by jumping and even able to navigate more complex terrain.

It takes advantage as much as it can to make many different enemy types, some with their own quirks.

The RPG system is really cool, being able to rest and buy your ammo or upgrade stuff is a welcome addition to something as large as this.

I also enjoy the non-linear progression. There's a lot of exploration to be done.

Gunplay is great in that you get a crap ton of weapons to play around and use on hordes of enemies.

Level design is often creative and detailed. I love the upside down sections. Expansive levels allow for a lot of enemies and fights with high tier enemies. Cyberdemons are a regular occurrence. Some levels do lack detail however though that's a minor nitpick.

My only gripe would probably be with the very last fight, against the Archonitron. Him alone is mostly manageable, but he gets help and you get not enough items or ammo to deal with him, and it makes it an insanely tough fight. This fight broke me and I eventually said enough is enough and dnkroz my way through. Sorry Will and Dan but there's only so much punishment I can tolerate :(

Still, this is a big mod, so expect to sink a lot of hours into it, and I would highly recommend it for anyone who's a fan of Duke Nukem~


great mode.New Levels,new weapons,new items,2 different playable character,a demon sidekick.