Warlords Battlecry III, a sequel to the award-winning Warlords Battlecry I & II, is a fantasy Real Time Strategy game for the PC. The first Battlecry game was released in 2000 and received high remarks from gaming enthusiast media and critics, while the sequel, in 2002, gathered Editor’s Choice awards from all the major computer magazines & websites. A strong community has generated due to Battlecry’s reputation for depth of game-play and sheer amount of replayability. This latest installment in the series will continue to add more races, spells and exciting new features to make a great game even better!

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An excellent game with great re-playability. An old time favorite; I have been playing this for 9 years now whenever I can spare some time. Has some bugs but the producers were kind enough to give the source to the public so it becomes moddable. Superb and immerse lore. Hauntingly beautiful music. Non-anime graphics. Nice story too. Why are you still reading this? Just go and play it!


Great work!


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A very nice game with an unique way to play, each race and/or civilization is unique, with different ways to play and a large and complex system of custom the habilities of the heroe, the units are very smart and respong very good depending of the orders you give, example hold the position of the archers, the wizzards the hability of put aggresvie powers or your heroe himself can heal with only give the correct orders. Very complex and unique way to play.

However the game lacks of something:

- The very large parties are not possible, the game has a counter limit after a time the posibility of create any kind of buildings or units, so is like a sudden death... but what happen when only left buildings?
- The campaign is a little boring, at least is not very intesting, but is cool decide the battles in a map and find treasures, experience and make alliances, and depending of the race the units respond good, bad, terrible, etc.
- Some units lacks of animation of death, or are very limited.
- Well this is since the second game: the units looks kinda cute, but the art is kind of creepy, deep, kind of Conan the barbarian, is a strange mix between rude artstyle and cartoonish models. Is not bad but is kind of funny.

Highly recomended for those who play RTS videogames, it has A LOT of units, races/factions, magic powers for the heroe and a lot of posibilities of make powerful heroes, find objects and have large and epic battles... and some cute models, don´t feel bad in kill fairies, they are dangerous in hordes!

Is like a mix between age of empires, age of mithology, warhammer, rpg games (with the customize options for the heroes: status, powers, habilities, magic and objects), warcraft and maybe others.

Play it if you have the oportunity, is very good.

Campaign impossible



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