Warfare and Havoc is a real-time strategy war game.Twenty-seven action-filled and intense missions challenge the player's skills, speed and logic. Learn to command troops and carry out tactical maneuvers! Made for everyone who loves action and explosions. The first seven levels are free and the following levels require purchase.

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brainscauseminds says

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The game puts you into a role of a commander, who needs to control the tanks, command troops and eliminate enemy. You run around in forests, throw grenades and blow up enemy tanks.

The controls and gameplay are quite good given that many Android RTS games are more slow-paced and sometimes bulky in comparison.

What can be a surprise in the beginning is that the soldiers shoot at enemy automatically and you only need to position them. However, to throw grenades and shoot rockets, the player needs to tell that to the units explicitly.

The great feature about the game are tanks. They give a lot to the missions, however mastering the movements and shooting can take a few tries.

To sum it up, the game is worth downloading and playing and is a nice addition to Android RTS gaming.

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