War of Kosovo: 2033 is heavily based on its realistic city style and attractive game mechanics every season. Each season continues with new maps and special stylized wearable skins, graffiti, weapons, effects and sounds. In season 1 players are introduced with Prizren and they will fight to capture zones to lead their team to the victory. In season 2 players are introduced with Prishtina and they will face against 32 enemies in a huge map

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See how Game Mechanics work inside War of Kosovo: 2033

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War of Kosovo: 2033 has it's own game mechanics that is more accurate and it has different play style. game is based on first-person shooter game that it will not support third-person shooter style game. wok: 2033 will be more likely intense game that it has no slow animations, slow play-style, slow reload, slow bullet impact. the game will be running on medium speed animations.

On the latest updates that we work on, we have made some changes on recoil that now recoil is 40% more accurate than it was before. recoil now will be different on every weapon this means now smg has different recoil and bullet speeds from rifles.

War of Kosovo: 2033 includes two teams that will fight against each other. team names are team a and the other one is team b.
on the conquest map teams will be fighting to capture 3 zones that will be on the different places on the map. every team will have it's their own advantages and disadvantages.

Leaderboard will be included on the game which every player will see it's own rank and position by the region and global.
leaderboards will be refreshed every year and the winners will be announced by the specific date every year.
there will be kills, deaths, headshots, kills per minute, score stats for every player and page shows up only 100 top list.

Achievements will be included on the game and every player will earn achievements & medals by finishing their daily quests. rewards will be differently and the mechanics of the rewards are totally random.

War of Kosovo: 2033 has it's own dedicated servers that it will be running on europe east and europe west region. servers are premium that it will avoid lag and ping issues during the matchmaking. region preferences are not changeable it will automatically choose the region of the network and will ask for permission access for every player to use the network connection securely.

War of Kosovo: 2033 has option to invite friends playing together, chatting with them even sending and receiving gifts from them. every process with friends will run it's own process through steam mechanics.


Reporting will be available on wok: 2033 that you can report users for using bad words, cheating, griefing. every reports will be sent to our game database that every report will be checked and measures will be taken.

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